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A Brooklyn Pedestrian Was Fatally Hit by the Same Dump Truck that Killed a Crossing Guard 6 Month Earlier

manolos-truckingAs dump truck accident lawyers, we have seen far too many cases where negligence leads to devastating consequences on our roads.

Last Thursday, 58 year old Maria Piovanetti was crossing the intersection of Tilden Ave and Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, NYC, with the light in her favor when the reckless driver of a dump truck who initially stopped decided to take off and ran the red light fatally striking the victim (see video below). 6  months earlier the exact same truck belonging to New Jersey  company Manolos Trucking killed Kristina Naprawa, a crossing guard in Queens.

These two fatal accidents involving two different drivers working for Manolos Trucking highlights the pressing need for stricter oversight and accountability within the trucking industry.

Disturbing pattern of recklessness

These accidents were not isolated incidents but rather the culmination of a disturbing pattern of negligence. Manolos Trucking’s dump truck, involved in both tragedies, had been caught on camera numerous times for running red lights and speeding since 2018. Shockingly, this dump truck is not an outlier within the company’s fleet. Seven additional vehicles owned by Manolos Trucking have amassed a staggering number of violations, yet the company has faced minimal consequences for its reckless behavior.

Despite over 60 tickets for reckless driving and a litany of safety violations, the consequences for Manolos Trucking have been shockingly minimal. A paltry $2,400 fine for a safety violation involving a hood ornament hardly reflects the gravity of the situation. Moreover, the lack of charges against the driver responsible for the most recent fatality is deeply troubling.

In the face of such negligence and tragedy, there is an urgent call for stricter oversight and accountability within the trucking industry.

Legal Action and Pursuit of Justice

As dump truck accident lawyers, we are committed to advocating for victims and their families affected by these devastating accidents. Manolos Trucking must be legally held accountable for its actions. The pending lawsuit over a previous collision underscores the urgency of ensuring justice for victims and preventing future tragedies.

Picture source: LinkedIn