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 A Crane Accident Lawyer’s Perspective on the Recent Boom Truck Collapse in Inwood, NYC

Location of the boom truck collapse in Upper Manhattan5 construction workers were injured, including three seriously in a crane collapse that occurred in Upper Manhattan yesterday afternoon. The accident occurred around 2:30 pm at a construction site located at 3880 Ninth Avenue in Inwood. A crane attached to a small boom truck tragically collapsed, resulting in injuries to five construction workers.  3 of them suffered serious injuries. Investigation is ongoing with yesterday’s stormy conditions probably being a factor in the accident.  As crane accident lawyers deeply invested in the safety and rights of construction workers, this incident not only highlights the risks involved in such operations but also underscores the importance of stringent safety measures and legal recourse in the event of accidents.

In the wake of the collapse over 60 firefighters and EMS workers swiftly arrived at the scene. Their rapid action undoubtedly played a crucial role in managing the situation and minimizing further harm. However, while their response is laudable, it also brings to light questions about preventative measures and safety protocols that are essential in construction sites, especially those involving complex machinery.

Legal Implications and Worker Safety:

As attorneys specializing in crane accidents, our focus is not only on the aftermath but also on preventive strategies. This accident raises questions about the safety measures implemented at the site. Previous incidents at this location including a worker being struck by an aluminum beam with two open DOB Violations steaming from this accident, indicate a pattern that cannot be overlooked. Construction companies and site managers must adhere to strict safety regulations to prevent such occurrences.

The law is clear in protecting the rights and safety of construction workers. Regulations and safety standards, when rigorously followed, can significantly reduce the risks of such dangerous incidents. As legal advocates, we stress the importance of compliance with these standards to ensure worker safety.

Support for the Injured and Their Families

For the injured workers and their families, this incident is life-changing. It’s not just about the physical injuries but also the psychological and financial impact. As crane accident attorneys, we provide the necessary legal support to ensure these victims receive the compensation and justice they deserve. This includes navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation claims, potential third-party liability, and ensuring that all avenues for legal remedy are explored.

Our Personal Injury Law Firm was founded more than 100 years ago and boasts a robust history of successfully managing crane accident claims, representing a diverse clientele including pedestrians, crane operators, and construction workers who have endured the consequences of significant crane collapses in New York City. Notably, we recently obtained a $10 million settlement for a pedestrian who sustained serious injuries when a crane struck her leg at a construction site. Additionally, we achieved a considerable confidential settlement for the family of crane operator Wayne Bleidner, who tragically perished in a crane collapse near the United Nations. These settlements have not only delivered justice but also provided financial security to the families during their times of loss and grief.”

Picture of the location of the accident: Courtesy of Google Map