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Adopting and developing safety culture in the constrution industry not only prevents injury and death but also improves ROI and improves the ability to attract and retain good construction workers

safety culture constructionConstruction workers have a high risk of getting injured or even dying in an accident while at work. Construction accidents often happen when negligent contractors try to save time or money and put profit ahead of their own workers safety. A new study looking at safety practices among contractors shows that increased safety on construction sites indeed increases Return on Investment (ROI) and attracts and retains more talented hard hats. The recently released study “Building a Safety Culture SmartMarket Report” was produced by the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) and United Rental, a construction equipment rental company.

For the study, Dodge Data & Analytics analyzed 254 American contractors using 33 indicators of safety culture in the construction industry. They found that approximately one third of the contractors were promoting a high safety culture standard in their day to day business and were investing heavily in safety management practices. Another third were somewhat promoting safety culture in their company. The last third were contractors who didn’t have much interest about safety culture and didn’t invest much in it.

The study shows that contractors who invested the most in workers safety reported less injuries, improved their projects quality, increased their projects ROI, had a lower staff turnover and were able to attract staff more easily than contractors who didn’t invest in workers safety.

If you want to know more about building a safety culture in the construction industry, you can download the complete study here. You can also attend a one hour free webinar on Wednesday April 20, 2016 at 2:00 pm ET presented by Stephen A. Jones, Senior Director at Industry Insight Research Dodge Data & Analytical. Through the webinar, contractors will be able to evaluate the level of safety culture of their own company. Stephen will explain each of the 33 safety indicators and how companies can put them to use to improve their own safety culture. Click here to register to the webinar.