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New Building Laws to Prevent Construction Accidents in New York City

construction workers working at height in NYCTo reduce construction accidents in New York City and make sure New Yorkers and construction workers are protected, New York City Building Laws are constantly updated to adapt to actual situations.  Last year, a major update of the NYC construction code led to more than 600 significant changes and thousands of smaller ones. Here is a list of some of the laws that are affecting construction safety on work sites, building inspection requirements, and property maintenance:

  • Local Law 74 of 2021 was updated in regards to fences at stalled construction sites: chain link fences should be installed at sites where work was discontinued and all equipment and material posing hazards were removed.
  • Local Law 119 of 2021 extends the application period for certification of no harassment  pilot program
  • Local Law 137 of 2021 extends the deadline for inspection and correction of building gas piping systems in community districts 2, 5, 7, 13, and 18
  • Local Law 138 of 2021 consists of amendments clarifying  which buildings are exempted of building gas piping systems inspections and clarifies when  building owners are allowed to receive an extension of time to complete an inspection of the building gas piping system
  • Local Law 140 of 2021 provides amendments related to the harassment pilot program
  • Local Law 146 of 2021 are amendments exempting temporary construction equipment permits from final inspection and prohibiting the use of stand-off brackets
  • Local Law 147 of 2021 changes the definition of “Major Building” as any building seven stories/75 feet and above instead of previously ten stories/125 feet
  • Local Law 148 of 2021 amends the NYC Building codes with specific safety rules  for cold-formed steel construction
  • Local Law 149 of 2021 revises the role and responsibility of the construction superintendent
  • Local Law 154 of 2021 is about sustainability and limits the combustion of substances with certain carbon emission profiles
  • Local Law 163 of 2020 regulates and promote art work on temporary protective structures such as sidewalk sheds, construction fences or supported scaffolds

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