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New inspection requirements for NYC elevators should improve safety

NYC ElevatorsIn an effort to reduce elevator accidents in New York City,  the city updated the safety law related to elevators with new periodic inspection requirements starting January 1st 2022.

Building owners as well as condo and co-op are now solely responsible for periodic elevator inspections

Previously, periodic inspections were effectuated by third-party agencies subcontracted by the DOB but a recent audit found that with this system, safety violations were not proprely reported. For this reason, it is now the responsibility of the building owner to hire an elevator company to effectuate the inspection. The elevator company can not be affiliated to the one effectuating the testing, maintenance and repair of the elevator. A report must be summitted to the DOB within 14 days of the inspection and defects must be fixed within 90 days. An affirmation of the correction must then be sent to the DOB within 14 days. See previous DOB service update.

In addition to the periodic inspection, building owners are required to effectuate a category 1 annual test. The category 1 test is a test performed by a licensed elevator inspector and a third party witnessing agent. It consists of a visual and physical inspection of the elevator to make sure it complies with the code. A category 5 test is required every 5 years and includes a category 1 test as well as a full load and a full speed safety test. A category 3 test is required for hydraulic elevators every 3 years but those are  very rare in the city.

As of January 1st 2022, the DOB must be notified by the agency effectuating the test at least 5 days before the test instead of seven. Additionally test reports must be submitted to the DOB within 21 days instead of 60 previously. Defects must be corrected within 90 days instead of 120 previously and affirmation of correction must be submitted within 14 days of the correction instead of 60 previously. See the most recent DOB Service note related to this matter