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National Stand down to prevent injury and death caused struck-by incidentsAs attorneys representing construction workers injured on the job, we constantly encounter the devastating impacts of struck-by incidents on the lives of workers and their families. These incidents, which include being hit by moving vehicles, flying or falling objects, or swinging equipment, are not only the second leading cause of death in the construction industry but also the foremost cause of nonfatal injuries. This stark reality underscores the urgent need for stringent safety measures and comprehensive training.

Struck-by incidents occur when a worker is hit by an object or equipment, which can be propelled, falling, rolling, or swinging. These hazards are particularly prevalent in construction zones where heavy machinery and vehicles are in operation. Common scenarios involve workers being struck by vehicles backing up, equipment failures, or materials being ejected from tools. Each scenario demands specific preventive measures, ranging from proper signage and barriers to equipment maintenance and worker training.

The Role of the National Stand-Down and Legal Advocacy

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A 61 year old man was crossing the road when a NYPD van hit him. The accident took place on Broadway at Hooper St. under the elevated J line in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. The poor man was declared dead when he arrived to the hospital.
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When OSHA inspectors visited RWS, a plant that makes wood shavings for animal bedding, they found explosive combustible shavings all over the equipment and the floor with accumulation reaching as high as one foot in some areas. Adding to that employees were authorized to smoke in locations where excessive wood dust and wood shavings created a high risk of fire.

RWS Manufacturing plant in Queensbury, NY,deliberately, seriously and repeatedly violated worker safety and health standards and is now facing $233,870 in fines by OSHA.

Since its opening in Quennsburry, NY, 5 years ago, RWS Manufacturing plant has been the objects of multiple complaints by neighbors. It also has a long history of issues with the town’s enforcement codes related to noise, smoke and lack of groundwater control.