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The Brooklyn Construction Safety School Scandal: A Legal Perspective

location of the deadly accidentValor Security & Investigations, along with six of its employees, was charged with enterprise corruption among other offenses for selling bogus safety training certifications. These certifications, crucial for construction worker safety, were allegedly issued without providing the mandated 40-hour safety course.

This sham operation, which involved about 20,000 students, tragically includes a construction worker who died after a fall from an Upper West Side building—a direct consequence of the fake certification provided by Valor.

The legal ramifications of this indictment are significant. For the company’s executives, the charges could lead to up to 25 years in prison if convicted. Beyond the immediate legal consequences for those directly involved, this case highlights the broader issue of accountability in construction safety.

The Department of Buildings’ (DOB) swift response, including the suspension and potential revocation of the fraudulently obtained safety certifications, is a necessary measure to ensure the integrity of construction safety standards. However, this action also brings to light the challenges faced by workers who, though victims of this scheme, must now undergo proper training to rectify the situation.

The implications of this case extend beyond the immediate legal consequences for those involved. It underscores the critical role of legal professionals in advocating for rigorous enforcement of safety standards and in supporting policies that enhance the safety and well-being of construction workers. As NYC Construction Accident Attorneys, it is our duty to ensure that justice is served not only in the courtroom but also on the construction sites where the safety of workers must be paramount.

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Picture: The Upper West Side building from which the construction worker who bought a certification from Valor Security & Investigations fatally fell.