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10th Avenue Tragic Crane Accident in New York: Seeking Accountability for the Victims

crane accident lawyer nycIn the early hours of this morning, New York City was struck by yet another devastating crane accident. A crane belonging to New York City Crane & Equipment Corp. caught fire and partially collapsed into a neighboring building near Hudson Yards. The crane accident left five people injured, including a firefighter. As dedicated crane accident attorneys, our law firm understands the severity of such incidents and is committed to holding those responsible accountable. In this blog, we’ll examine the details of the recent accident and discuss the crucial role of seeking justice for the victims.

The tragedy unfolded when the crane, situated at 510 10th Avenue, suddenly caught fire around 7:30 a.m. Panic ensued as the top portion of the crane collapsed, striking a nearby building before crashing to the ground. In the chaotic aftermath, pedestrians sought safety, and passing cars sounded their horns in alarm. Though the situation could have been even more dire, six individuals sustained injuries.

New York Crane & Equipment Corp has a history of  safety violations

The crane was reported to be operated by New York Crane & Equipment Corp which has been associated with multiple catastrophic accidents. The late James F. Lomma, the owner of the company who passed away in 2019, was acquitted of manslaughter and other charges following one of these accidents. The fact that the company was again involved in a similar accident raises questions about safety practices and underscores the need for accountability.

As crane accident lawyers, it is our foremost duty to ensure that those responsible for these accidents are held accountable for their actions. Negligence in crane operations and maintenance poses a grave threat to workers and the public alike. The recent accident near Hudson Yards highlights the urgent necessity of enforcing rigorous safety measures and investigating the practices of companies such as New York Crane & Equipment Corp.

Our crane accident attorneys’ expertise

Over the years, our law firm has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in handling crane accident cases, earning us the reputation as the go-to attorneys for victims seeking justice in the face of tragedy. We have successfully represented numerous clients including pedestrians, crane operators and construction workers in many of the major crane collapse cases that have occurred in New York City.

  • Recently we represented a pedestrian who suffered severe injury when a crane fell on her leg at a construction site in New York. With our dedication to fighting for our clients, we obtained a $10 million settlement to cover her medical expenses and compensate for the immense pain and suffering she endured.
  • Additionally, our law firm represented the family of Wayne Bleidner, the crane operator who tragically lost his life when a 200-foot-tall rig collapsed on a densely populated New York City block, resulting in seven fatalities near the United Nations on 51st Street. Through a meticulous legal battle, we obtained a substantial confidential settlement for the family, providing them with a sense of justice and financial stability during their time of grief. Our firm was also part of the committee that represented all those injured and killed in the accident.

As demonstrated by our firm’s history of successes, we are resolute in our commitment to seeking justice for victims of crane accidents. Our expertise and dedication have allowed us to secure substantial settlements for our clients, supporting them through their recovery and helping them rebuild their lives after the devastating consequences of these accidents

The victims of crane accidents, and their families, deserve unwavering support and guidance during their most challenging times. We are deeply committed to standing with those affected, providing them with compassionate legal representation and fighting for their rights to secure the justice they deserve.

Today’s tragic crane accident on 10th Avenue near Hudson Yards serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers in construction sites and the urgent need to ensure strict safety standards. Holding companies like New York Crane & Equipment Corp. accountable for their actions is essential to prevent further tragedies and protect the well-being of workers and the public.