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Drunk Driver kills woman in NYC car accident

drunk driving A woman died in a car accident in New York Yesterday. The accident was caused by a drunk driver. 49 year old Aissatou Diallo was travelling with her 16 year old son on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on their way to a wedding. A relative who was traveling in front of them had a flat tire. They stopped to help him. As Aissatou was waiting next to her car, a drunk driver rear ended her car. The car careened into the mother and sent her flying off the elevated highway. After the accident, the drunk driver tried to flee the scene of the accident on foot. He was chased  by Diallo’s son who caught him and held him until the arrival of the police. Diallo’s son told the police that the driver, 43 year old Vladimir Menin, was so drunk that he couldn’t speak coherently.  Aissatou Diallo was transported to the hospital in critical condition. She later died from her injuries.

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Image: courtesy of pixabay