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Motorcyclist badly injured in NYC accident

A motorcyclist almost lost his foot in an accident in New York City. The motorcyclist was driving on Cropsey Ave in Gravesend, Brooklyn, when he was T-boned by a speeding van. The van driver was making a left turn from Cropsey Ave onto Canal Ave. According to a witness the driver thought he could make it but instead he slammed into the motorcyclist which was driving North. The accident occured on Sunday night around 8:45 pm. The van driver stayed at the scen of the accident and wasn’t charged despite his recklessness. The motorcyclist’s leg was completely mangled and he was rushed to the hopsital. He may lose his leg according to the NY Daily News. Motorcycles being struck by left turning vehicles is all to ccomon. Drivers must be eductated to be on the lookout for motorcycles. In N.Y.C. especially motorcyclists, if possible, should slow down when entering intersections and not depend on vehicles to yield the right of way.