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NYC Construction Accident Injuries at their lowest in April as only essential construction sites remained open

6 hard hats were injured on construction sites in New York City during the month of April compared to 47 a month earlier and 44 in April 2019. 4 workers were injured on Bronx construction sites and 2 of them on Brooklyn sites. 4 workers suffered minor injuries and 2 others who were injured by a plywood piece  on a windy day, required hospitalization. No fatalities were reported to the DOB during the month of April. The significant decline in construction accident injuries in the city is related to the Covid-19 restrictions that allowed only essential construction sites to be open during the month of April.

Construction Accident Injuries NYC April 2020

In one of the accidents a plumber accidentally screwed his own finger during a plumbing operation. He suffered a cut and was treated at an emergency room. He was then released in stable condition. While the DOB determined that the accident was caused by the worker’s error, inspectors found several safety violations at the construction site located on 1325 Jerome Avenue in the Bronx and issued several citations including: failure to maintain vertical netting, failure to maintain the site clean, failure to provide covers for holes on the floor, failure to protect an elevator shaft opening, failure to install a handrail system on stairways as well as failure to notify the DOB of a change of site safety manager. A partial stop work order was issued.

In an other accident, also in the Bronx, a worker suffered muscle cramps after another worker with whom he was carrying a PVC pipe suddenly put his end down.

Not respecting the DOB wind advisory is negligence that can lead to serious injuries

In the third Bronx construction accident, two workers were installing a plywood deck on the 12th floor of a construction site located on 2401 Third Ave when a gust of wind blew a plywood piece that struck the workers. One of the workers was hit in the face and the other one in the back. Both needed  hospitalization. Inspectors found that the deck was proprely built however the contractor didn’t respect the wind advisory issued by the DOB. Additionally the formwork operation was not monitored. The DOB issued a partial stop work order and a violation for failure to institute safety equipment measures.

Two workers injured in two separate construction accidents in Brooklyn, NYC

On a site located at 292 Kent Avenue, a worker suffered a cut on the top of his head after a rebar became loose. The worker was taken to a local Urgent Care to be treated. He was able to got back to work on the same day.  In the second accident, a construction worker walking in a trench lost his balance and twisted his ankle. He was also treated at an urgent care facility.