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3 construction workers suffered burn injuries at a Bronx construction site that accumulated 25 violations last year

ambulance at accident sceneThree construction workers suffered burn injuries at a construction site in the Bronx on Monday afternoon. These workers failed to provide proper proof of training and did not possess a permit for using a propane torch. They were performing a waterproofing job near Holland Avenue and East Gun Hill Road when the incident occurred. The workers were burned as some of the waterproofing material caught fire. The severity of the incident prompted a massive response from the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).

The construction site in question has become a hotbed of safety violations, with New York City issuing over 25 violations in the past year alone. Shockingly, twelve of these violations are still open and directly relate to construction safety concerns. This pattern of negligence is deeply concerning and suggests a lack of commitment to providing a safe working environment for construction workers. On the day of the incident, five new violations were issued, further illustrating the disregard for safety protocols.

History of Stop Work Orders

The issuance of a partial stop work order following the incident is not an isolated event. Last July, the general contractor was found to have unlawfully continued work despite being on notice of a stop work order. In April, workers were instructed to halt operations in an elevator machine room due to a failure to maintain safety equipment. These repeated instances of non-compliance with work orders highlight a consistent lack of regard for the safety and well-being of workers.

The construction company involved, Stagg Group, and its associated entity, BE Bronx Builders LLC, have come under scrutiny. Both companies are linked to the violations issued by the city, raising questions about their commitment to ensuring the safety of their workers. The Department of Buildings revealed that the injured workers were employed by Stagg Group, which further implicates the company’s responsibility in the incident.

As attorneys who are representing victims of construction accidents in  New York City, we believe that most work accidents are preventable and that  it is imperative that those responsible for these safety violations should be held accountable. The construction industry must prioritize the well-being of workers and adhere to strict safety regulations. The Department of Buildings and other relevant authorities should conduct a thorough investigation into this matter and take appropriate action against any parties found negligent.

The alarming pattern of safety violations at the Bronx construction site underscores the urgent need for enhanced safety measures within the construction industry. The welfare of workers should be of paramount importance, and it is essential to hold companies accountable for their negligence. We urge authorities, workers, and the public to come together and demand safer working conditions, ensuring that tragedies like this are prevented in the future.