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Another pedestrian killed by a reckless driver in Brooklyn

Caption Description File URL: Copy URL to clipboard ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS Alignment None Link To Media File URL Size Full Size – 2383 × 2560 Selected media actions 1 item selected Clear Insert into postA Brooklyn woman is the 12th pedestrian to die in a car accident in New York City since the beginning of this year. In a very graphic video the 64 year old pedestrian is seen walking West on the North sidewalk of Foster Avenue. As she arrives at the intersection of East 17th Avenue, she waits for the light to turn green and then proceeds to walk on the snowy street. At the same time, the driver of a grey Chevy makes a right turn from Foster onto 17th Street, does not yield  or slows down and slams into the pedestrian.

The driver, a 57 year old woman,  stayed at the scene of the accident and so far was not charged. The victim was rushed to the hospital where she died.

While the video clearly shows that the driver did not yield to the pedestrian, the snow that had not been proprely removed from the intersection made the area even more dangerous to navigate for pedestrians and vehicles.

Right of WAY Law charges most of the time not applied by NYPD

Several years after Mayor de Blasio enacted the  “Right of Way Law” that makes it an infraction for a a driver to fail to yield to a pedestrian and a misdemeanor if a pedestrian is injured or killed, the NYPD continues to ignore the law and usually only charges drivers injuring or killing pedestrians if they are drunk or unlicensed. Reckless drivers injuring and killing pedestrians should be be held accountable even though they have a license and they are sober.

Mayor Adams announced that he would crack down on drivers not yielding to pedestrians two weeks ago, but since his announcement there was at least one accident a day resulting in serious pedestrian injury or death in New York City.  During the last month, 11 pedestrians died in traffic accidents in New York City, an increase of 3 compared to January last year.

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