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The construction industry is essential but dangerous, with workers exposed to multiple risks like falls, machine hazards, and chemical exposures. Safety interventions, like pre-task planning (PTP) and personal protective equipment (PPE), mitigate these dangers. The latest Data Bulletin of the Center For Construction Research and Training (CPWR) analyzes the safety practices of contractors and their relationship with unions and trade associations.

The survey categorized respondents by union and trade association status. Most respondents hired union workers, with 36.2% solely employing them and 24.8% employing both union and non-union workers. Also, 84.2% were trade association members, and 94.4% of union contractors belonged to trade associations. These factors shape safety practices in the industry.

Pre-Task Planning (PTP)

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Orchard beach and the pavilion where the construction accident occurred

2 construction workers suffered serious personal injury after a ceiling collapsed on them during renovation work at the Orchard Beach Pavilion.

Construction accidents can have severe consequences, not only for the workers involved but also for their families and the construction companies responsible. Last week’s accident at the Orchard Beach Pavilion renovation project in the Bronx has once again highlighted the importance of prioritizing safety on construction sites.

Last Thursday morning during the refurbishment of the 140,000 square foot Orchard Beach Pavilion, tragedy struck when a massive cement ceiling collapsed on two workers. Employed by Titan Construction, the men found themselves temporarily trapped under a 20-foot by 15-foot slab of concrete. Prompt action from the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) resulted in their rescue and subsequent transfer to the hospital.