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Two people died and 9 were injured in a fire accident in New York City. The fire started on the first floor of a building located on Hoffman Street near 87th Street in Belmont, Bronx around 1:30 am on Monday morning. After the fire broke out in one of the apartments on the first floor, tenants ran away without closing the door behind them to prevent flames from spreading. The fire quickly engulfed the rest of the building trapping residents on the second floor.  The scene was extremely chaotic as firefighters had to fight the flames to make their way upstairs to save the residents. 11 of them including a 7 year old girl were transported to the hospital, some with critical burn injuries. Two of them died shortly after.

Last December a similar fire accident occurred in the same neighborhood killing 13 people. The fire propagated in a similar manner in the building after a door was left opened by tenants as they were escaping their burning apartment. (Read previous post).

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9 people were injured, 2 houses destroyed and 4 damaged in the massive fire that erupted in the Bronx, NYC, last Thursday. FDNY investigators suspect that 3 men using illegal fireworks sparked the fire. The 3 young men told the police they bought the fireworks in Westchester. Sale and use of fireworks is illegal in the city. The 3 men who are all in their 20ies are facing charges for reckless endangerment of Bronx residents and 200 firefighters, fourth-degree arson criminal mischief and illegal possession of fireworks. The mother of one of the men denied that her son was responsible for the fire. She said her son had been playing with fireworks in the street before the fire but he had gone to work when the blaze erupted. She doesn’t believe the fireworks are at the origin of the blaze. (Read more in the NY Daily News)

Another fire erupted last night at the Glendale farmers market in Queens. 200 firefighters were called in to battle the blaze that engulfed 3 stores and two apartments. 11 firefighters were injured in the NYC blaze as well as one civilian. A lot of smoke came out of the fire and lingered in the street. The smoke was so thick that it was impossible to see across the street. People with asthma and other respiratory weaknesses started to panic. The buildings belonged to a mosque next door. The owners were inside celebrating the last night of Ramadan. They stopped the celebration and instead offered shelter in the mosque to those in need. See video below

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NYCHA_Logo_480x480Two toddlers died in a fire last April in a Bronx apartment belonging to the New York City Housing Authority. The investigation found that the apartment was visited four hours earlier by Rene Rivera, a former NYCHA maintenance employee. When a NYCHA worker visits an apartment they have to execute several safety checks that include smoke detectors check. The employee signed on his report that the smoke detectors were working in the apartment he just visited. He later confessed to investigators that he actually never looked at them. The employee’s failure to check the smoke detectors resulted in the death of two toddlers in a fire a few hours after his visit.

In an article Today in the NY Daily News, Rivera complains that the work overload at the Butler Houses was such that he didn’t have much time for safety checks.  Rivera blames the faulty error on an understaffed crew and unrelenting pressure to keep things moving. The 27-year NYCHA veteran worker explained that he was overwhelmed by the 25 to 30 appointments he had to respond to every day.

Read more in the NY Daily News

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NYCHA Buildings2 baby girls died in an apartment fire in the Bronx, NYC yesterday. According to the NY Daily News, a pregnant mother left her two year old daughter and her 18 month old sister alone in her apartment while she was going to do the laundry at a nearby laundromat. She also left some incense burning in the house and may have disabled the smoke alarms. According to the New York Housing Authority who owns the building where the fire happened, the alarms were functioning five hours before the blaze.

A neighbor also told the Newspaper that the mother,  26 year old Haya Conce, was always burning incense by the window and she often left the kids alone in the apartment. She was warned that it was dangerous but she ignored the warnings. When the firefighters carried the dead bodies of her babies out of the building shes collapsed on the sidewalk. Firefighters said the dramatic accident may have been prevented if the fire alarms hadn’t been disabled.