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hit and runOn average there is one fatal hit and run accident every week in New York City and too often the police will never be able to identify the driver.  Out of 44,865 hit-and-runs reported to the NYPD in the 2016 fiscal year, there were only 510 arrests. To fight this epidemic, the City Council passed a new bill yesterday. The bill is named after Queens DJ Jinx  Paul who was killed in a hit and tun accident last year in Brooklyn. It was introduced by Coucilman Idanis Rodriguez (D-Manhattan). Rodriguez proposes to create a system similar to the existing Amber Alert.  The idea is that the police use the existing Amber Alert technology to send out an alert of hit and run drivers with the available information. The NYPD supports the bill as long as they have an option to op out in case the alert may compromise the investigation or if they don’t have sufficient information.

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Three people died in a plane accident in Long Island, NY. The passengers, two men and a woman had taken off from Myrtle Beach, SC and planned to land in Plainville Connecticut later on during the day. The airplane made a distress call to air traffic control and reported an instrument problem. The plane then disappeared from radar. It crashed on a residential road in Syosset, Long Island, NY. Debris fell from the skies into a school backyard and in residential properties. Witnesses said it was terrifying. Very foggy weather conditions may also have been a factor in the fatal accident. Investigators are still working on finding the exact causes of the crash.

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Two 19 year old Colgate University students were killed in a plane crash  yesterday afternoon in Morrisville, NY. Ryan Adams and Cathryn (Carey) Depuy ,  both Ridgefield natives.  The pair took off from Morrisville airport and flew 10 miles before crashing in a wooded area. They were killed instantly. Read more in the NY Daily News

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A small plane crashed in a backyard in Long Island this morning, killing the pilot who was alone in the plane. Apparently the pilot managed to steer his plane between two houses before crashing in the backyard of one of them on Camille Lane in Suffolk County’s East Patchogue. A mother was attending to an infant in the house. Thankfully they were not injured. (read more here)

NBC 4 New York has obtained exclusive video of the aftermath of the deadly plane crash on Long Island. Note: Audio has been removed.

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Investigation of a plane accident that killed a pilot, a passenger and left two other passengers seriously injured showed a very high level of THC in a Canadian pilot who was flying a Cessna 208B Caravan operated by Air Tindi Ltd. near Lutsel K’e, Northwest Territories.

The toxicology report indicates that the significant amount of THC found in the pilot’s system impaired his performance and adversely effected his decision making.

Even though the pilot was well qualified to fly using instruments, he chose to fly at a low altitude in foggy conditions. The low visibility prevented the pilot from seeing and avoiding terrain.