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Daniel-Pollack-1Lawyers working with Native Americans and American Indians clients may sometimes need specifically targeted legal resources. In a recent note, Daniel Pollack, a professor at Yeshiva University’s School of Social Work in New York City put together an abridged listing of helpful national and regional legal resources.

5.2 million Americans identify themselves as American Indians and Alaska Natives. 2.9 million of them are solely from Native descent. 2.3 million of them are of mixed descent (native combined with one or several other races).  They have a unique legal status in the US that often requires specific resources and knowledge while working on their cases.

The complete note can be downloaded here


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e-cigratteA defective e-cigarette battery exploded in the pocket of a man driving his car in New York City, seriously injuring him. 24 year old Ricardo Jiminez  suffered a large second-degree burn on his thigh and right hand after the e-cigarette exploded in his jeans pocket. At the time of the accident, Ricardo was driving his car. As he felt heat in his pocket he put his hand in his pocket to take the battery out. At the same time the battery exploded. Smoke invaded the car. Quickly Ricardo put the car in park, jumped out of it and removed his pants. As he was doing so a police officer saw him and called for an ambulance.

Another man was burned by a defective e-cigarette battery in New York around two weeks ago. The man was working at a wine store in Grand Central Station when the accident happened.

Recently, an increased number of people have been severely burned by exploding E-Cigarette batteries all around the world. The explosions are usually caused by poorly manufactured lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are used in many electronic consumer goods. While many e-cigarettes batteries are produced in China by little known manufacturers, the recent lithium battery explosion also affected large worldwide manufacturers. Recently Samsung had to recall and stop the sale of its latest cell phone after multiple reports of defective battery explosions.  Hover-boards batteries also have led to multiple explosions that sometimes led to the destruction of entire houses.

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Jeffrey BloomOur partner, New York Personal Injury Lawyer Jeff Bloom, will be speaking at the New York State Bar Association “Bridging the Gap” Seminar. This seminar will take place on Wednesday November 30 and Thursday December 1st at CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The seminar will be broadcast live in Albany and Buffalo. Attendants at these two locations will have the opportunity to communicate live with New York Speakers. “Bridging the gap” is a CLE seminar dedicated to recent graduates and newly admitted attorneys. Jeff will present an Examination of the Defendant by the plaintiff’s Attorney. He will address the following points:

  • Should the Defendant be the Plaintiff’s First Witness?
  • Your Manner
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Construction worker helpin another one to set up safety harness

Picture source: Wikipedia. Photos taken on residential construction sites which use fall arrest systems

Construction workers have a higher risk of accidents than many other workers in other industries. According to the most recent census of fatal occupational injuries, 611 workers died in construction accidents in the US in 2014. It is the highest number of construction worker deaths since 2009.

Most studies about construction workers safety present the management perspective. In a recently published study, the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) focuses on workers perception.

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NYC MTA Subway logoOne MTA worker was seriously injured and another one died in a subway accident in NYC yesterday. The two men were working on the southbound G train track between the Fort Hamilton Parkway and Church Ave. stations in Kensington, Brooklyn. A little after midnight, a train running on the track struck them both. Emergency workers rushed to the location of the accident. One of the workers, a 53 year old man was transported to the hospital in critical condition. He later died from his injuries. The other worker, a 49 year old man, was also transported to the hospital. He was seriously injured but in stable condition. It is not clear why the two men were working on the track when the  subway train was in service. Read more in the NY Daily News

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A bicyclist may need a leg amputation after he was struck by a truck in New York. The 30 year old man was riding his bike South on 8th Ave in Manhattan, NYC, around 3:30 am Friday. As he crossed West 40th Street, a commercial truck slammed into him. The truck driver didn’t stop. He just continued on his way. The cyclist was left bleeding in the middle of the street. A witness working at a nearby Duane Reade saw the accident. He told the NY Daily News that the truck was speeding when he hit the victim. The man was transported by ambulance to the hospital. He suffered serious head and leg injuries. His leg may be amputated. The police are still looking for the hit and run driver.

Previously several people reported on the Vision Zero Input map that vehicles were failing to yield at this specific location. So far 4 people were injured in 2016 at the intersection of 8th Ave and 40th Street.

Failure to yiled reported at accident location

Picture source: Vision Zero Input Map


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samsung deviceDefective batteries in the Samsung Galaxy Note7 can potentially overheat and catch fire causing severe burns to users. On September 15 the smartphone manufacturer announced that it was recalling about 1 million Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones sold in the US and Canada before September 15th. The company received 92 reports indicating that the lithium battery was overheating. 26 people reported being burned and 55 others reported property damage including fires in cars and garages.  The recalled devices were sold in various colors and features a 5.7 inch screen. If you own one of these phones, please locate the IMEI number on the back of your phone. You can then go to the Samsung website to check if your phone is being recalled.

Read more about this recall on the CPSC website

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constructionA construction worker was in critical condition yesterday after a four-story fall at a Brooklyn construction site. According to neighbors, the construction site located on Nostrand Ave was previously a case wash that was being converted into a five-story condo building.  The construction site was lacking safety as no gate had been built around the 10-foot foundation. Neighbors also complained their houses were shaking during construction. After he fell the worker was rush to the hospital. He suffered traumatic arrest. Read more in the NY Daily News

A few days before a construction worker was injured after he fell 10 feet down in a trench on a Queens construction site. The man who was covered by debris was promptly rescued by the FDNY. Thankfully he only suffered minor injuries.