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An elderly pedestrian died after being struck by a taxi on The Upper West Side of Manhattan, NYC early Sunday morning. 88 year old Luisa Rosario, a beloved neighborhood figure, was starting to cross 109 street with the light and had the right of way when a taxi which turned right onto 109th Street from Columbus Ave hit her. The taxi driver, 73 year old Salifu Abubkar,  said he didn’t see the victim. He also told the police that he had been working non-stop for 16 hours.  He was charged with failure to yield.

Taxi drivers are prohibited by the Taxi and Limousine Commission to drive more than 12 hours straight and if they do so they may be issued a summons by the Commission.

Salifu Abubkar has been driving a cab for 30 years and had never had any serious accidents. Taxi drivers don’t have retirement pensions therefore if they don’t have any other source of income they are forced to continue to work.  Read more in the NY Daily News

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An 86 year old woman died after being struck by a car in Manhattan last Friday around 5:00 pm. The woman was crossing West End Ave near 64th Street on the Upper West Side when she was struck by a car. The driver remained at the scene of the accident while the victim was transported to the Hospital. The police are still investigating the accident.

The elderly woman was the 9th pedestrian to be killed last week in a car accident. Read more in the Gothamist

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Injuries and fatal crashes Woodhaven NYCBased on New York crash statistics analyzed from July 2012 to December  2014, the most dangerous intersections on Woodhaven Boulevard were:

  • 101st Ave & Woodhaven Blvd with 42 crashes, 62 injuries and 1 fatality
  • Jamaica Ave & Woodhaven Blvd with 38 crashes, 52 injuries and 2 fatalities
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To prevent car accidents in school areas in New York City, the Department of Transportation completed the installation of 140 speed cameras at the beginning of this month, just on time for the beginning of the school year. The installation of the speed cameras which is part of the Vision Zero initiative to reduce personal injury and death related to traffic accidents in New York City, started 20 months ago. Since then, 945,000 speed camera violations have already been issued. At the beginning of the implementation of the project, there was an average of 192 violations issued per camera per day. Last August this number was down to 69 which demonstrates the efficacy of the cameras in deterring speeding.

100 cameras have been installed at a fixed location and 40 of them are mobile.  Cameras were installed at schools that had a history of  pedestrians, bicyclists and motorist crashes during school hours. School areas located near spots with speeding issues or close to dangerous intersections or corridors could also qualify to be equipped with speed cameras.

In addition to the cameras, the DOT installed 4,000 speed limit signs including “Photo Enforced” language.

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Rubinowitz Carnemolla SaghirWe are proud to announce that a bicycle accident verdict and an auto accident settlement obtained by our New York personal injury attorneys have been listed in the 2015 New York Law Journal’s New York’s Verdict & Settlement Hall of Fame. Induction into the New York’s Verdicts and Settlements Hall of Fame is based on five years of verdicts and settlements submitted to the Verdict Search database. Those cases that could not be submitted due to confidentiality restraints were not considered. The practice area focus for this year’s Hall of Fame honors is Motor Vehicle.

The two cases handled by our firm that made it to the Hall of Fame are “Ortiz v. New York Transit Authority” and “Estate of Farinacci v. Powell”. In the first case, our personal injury attorneys Ben Rubinowitz and Peter Saghir obtained a $8.57 million verdict for a bicyclist who suffered degloving injuries to her leg after being struck by a MTA bus in Manhattan. In the second case, attorneys Ben Rubinowitz and Diana Carnemolla obtained a $8 million settlement for the husband and the 4 year old child of a 22 year old mother who was killed by a drunk driver. This settlement was the largest award in the State of New York for the wrongful death of a mother leaving one child surviving her.

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Tow teenagers from Manhattan were injured, one critically in a car accident on Saturday around 8 pm.  The  non identified 17 year old driver and his 18 year old passenger identified as Steven Fermin had stolen the car from the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in New Jersey. They were pursued by the police on the New Jersey Turnpike near Ridgefield Prk when the accident happened. During the crash the driver was thrown from the car. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Read more in the NY Daily News

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A female pedestrian suffered severe injury  after being struck by a car in New York yesterday afternoon. The woman was standing on a sidewalk  at the intersection of  East 49th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan, NYC, when an out of control driver jumped the curb and pinned her against a light pole.  According to witnesses the victim’s clothes were completely ripped and she was lying on the street almost naked and severely injured.  Moments after the crash, doctors from a nearby emergency clinic ran to the scene of the accident and covered the victim with blankets until EMS arrived and transported her to the hospital. See video on Pix11 

A few hours earlier another car jumped the street on East 69th Street and First Ave and crashed into a Starbucks. Thankfully nobody was injured in this accident.

See surveillance video and read more about it on NBC New York

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A 57 year old man was seriously injured in a bicycle accident during which a car hit him and fled. The bicyclist had stopped in the middle of the street and was trying to cross West  145th street near Lenox Avenue when a red sedan struck him and sped away. The impact was so strong that the bicyclist was thrown in the air and landed on the windshield of the car, rolled off the hood and then hit the pavement while the bike was catapulted in the air and hit a minivan. The police are still searching for the reckless driver.

West 145th Street is a very dangerous street where many crashes have occurred in the past.  The bicycle accident happened near the intersection of Lenox Ave. According to the NYC.crashmapper heat map, 89 collisions were recorded at this location over a period of 31 months. 10 pedestrians, 2 bicyclists, 10 passengers and 11 motorists suffered personal injuries in theses crashes. Click on map below to see full size

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5 pedestrians died and 696 suffered personal injury in April in New York City compared to respectively 8 and 854 in April 2014 and 12 and 904 in April 2013.  Pedestrian fatalities have been declining since the beginning of this year and reached their lowest in April. The total number of pedestrian fatalities since the beginning of the year was 28 compared to 39 for the same period of 2014 and 55 for the same period of 2013.  Since the beginning of the year there was also a decrease in the number of pedestrians who suffered personal injury in a traffic accident in NYC.Pedestrian deaths and injuries NYC April 2015

2 people died and 300 were injured in a total of 300 bicycle accidents in New York City in April compared to respectively 1, 306 and 382 in April 2014 and 0, 288 and 358 in April 2013.  The number of cyclists fatalities and injuries remains elevated in the City.

Bicycle accidents injuries deaths NYC April 2015
Even though there was an unusually high number of 10 motorist deaths last April the total number of traffic fatalities in New York City since the beginning of the year is down compared to the same periods of 2014 and 2013.

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brNew York Personal Injury Lawyer Ben Rubinowitz who is representing Dana Lerner and Richard Stock in a wrongful death lawsuit against Koffi Komlani, the taxi driver who killed their son Cooper in a traffic accident, said to the New York Post that both parties were proprely served after the lawyers representing the cabbie tried to  use a technicality to dodge the lawsuit.

Copper was crossing the road with his dad at 97th Street and West End Avenue in the Upper West Side in January 2014 when he was fatally struck by the taxi driver who was making a left-hand turn. A witness took a video of Richard Stock trying to pick up his son just after he was run over by the taxi. This video will be included in the lawsuit. “[Richard Stock] is screaming at the top of his lungs. There could never be anything worse for a father,” said Ben Rubinowitz.

Because of insurance caps, Cooper parents do no expect to receive more than $50,000 but they want to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the cab driver accountable for his recklessness.