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A van jumped the curb and hit a pedestrian in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday afternoon. The accident happened at the intersection of West 39th Street and Seventh Ave. A witness said the van driver lost control of his vehicle and jumped the curb while pedestrians were running to get out of the way. According to the same witness, the van almost hit a mother with a stroller. The injured pedestrian was transported to the hospital. He suffered serious injury but his life was not in danger. Read more in DNA

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location of the accidentA pedestrian was critically injured in New York after being hit and dragged half a block by a taxi on Thursday morning. 32 year old Meral Arisoy was on the sidewalk near the intersection of 8th Street and University Place in Greenwich Village when an out of control taxi crashed into a tree pot and then hit her. Her body got wedged under the car  and she was dragged down the University Place sidewalk for half a block before the taxi stopped. According to witnesses the taxi driver was speeding before he lost control of the vehicle. Read more in the NY Daily News

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Two people died and dozen others were injured in an Amtrak train accident that happened between New York and Philadelphia  in the NorthEast Corridor yesterday morning. Train 89, also known as the Palmetto, struck a backhoe, killing the operator of the backhoe and an Amtrak supervisor.  The train had left New York for Savanah, GA around 6:00 am and was near Philadelphia when the accident happened.  None of the passengers died but more than 30 of them were transported to the hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.

A team from the National Transportation Safety Board arrived yesterday at the site of the accident. They started to investigate the reasons why a maintenance crew was working on an active track. In a statement New York Senator Chuck Schumer indicated that it was highly possible that human error was the cause of the accident. He said that the Amtrak’s chairman, Mr Anthony Cosica told him that Amtrak employees have to follow a rigorous 20 step procedure to obtain clearance to place equipment on the track. Schumer added that a possible breakdown in communications between the train dispatchers and the maintenance crew may have been at the origin of the crash.

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Several people were injured and one person died in two fire accidents in New York City this week-end.

Early Saturday around 12;14 am two civilians and two firefighters were injured in a three-alarm blaze in Washington Heights. According to the NY Daily News , the fire started in an apartment on the sixth floor of a building located on Broadway and W. 151st Street. The fire and the smoke spread quickly through the building and 138 firefighters were needed to stop it.

On Sunday morning around 4:00 am,  another fire started in a house in Jackson Heights, Queens killing an 88 year old man who was living there.  65 firefighters were called to the rescue. It took them 45 minutes to stop the blaze that ravaged the house located on 87th Street and 35th Avenue in Queens, NYC. The victim was found dead by the firefighters with severe burns on his body.

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9 people suffered personal injury in a New York bus accident. 2 of them are seriously injured and are still being treated at the hospital.

The accident happened yesterday afternoon a little after 4:00 pm.  The QM11 bus, a MTA express bus, was on its way to Queens.  As it was passing under the FDR overpass at 33rd Street, the driver reached for his bottle of water.  He lost control of the bus and hit a pillar of the overpass. 6 people suffered minor injuries, 3 passengers were transported to the hospital, 2 with serious injury. The driver was also transported to the hospital. He suffered chest pain. Read more in the NY Daily News

Eating and drinking can cause accidents. In New York City between 0 and 6 accidents every month are being caused by eating and drinking behind the wheel.

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After a construction worker died and four others suffered personal injury in a construction accident in Brooklyn, NYC, in 2011, the negligent “special instructor” who failed to perform crucial safety inspections on the site of the accident had his license revoked by the New York City Department of Buildings on Friday.

Back in 2011, Steven Schneider, an engineer, was hired as a special safety inspector on the construction site of a 14-unit condo building in Brighton Beach. As part of his duties Schneider was required by the code to perform structural tests such as testing of steel and masonry construction, structural stability and underpinning of adjacent buildings. Investigations show that Schneider never performed any of these tests and therefore didn’t notice that construction workers  had improperly poured concrete on unstable steel structures. This gross negligence led to the collapse of several floors of the building.  During the accident several workers were buried in the debris. Among them was Ivan Lende, a 54 year old worker from the Ukraine who died in the accident. Four of his colleagues were injured. Investigation results also show that Schneider  was unable to provide inspection documentation at many other NYC sites where he had been hired as a safety instructor. Not only did Schneider have his license revoked by the NYC DOB but his case was also referred to the state for “further disciplinary action”.

The DOB also announced Friday the revocation of the plumbing license of Andrew Trombetta. Andrew Trombetta is a master plumber who was involved in the East Village gas explosion that killed two people and injured many others in March 2015. Andrew Trobetta rented his licensed to the unaccredited plumber who installed the illegal hook up that led to the explosion. Earlier this month he was charged with falsifying inspection reports while four other people were charged with manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

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A man suffered serious personal injury after a dozen bricks fell on his head in the Bronx and a tractor trailer flipped over on the George Washington Bridge yesterday night as a heavy storm ravaged the New York City Metro Area, New Jersey, Long Island, Southern Connecticut and the Lower Hudson Valley.

Strong winds with gusts over 50mph caused a tractor-trailer truck to flip over on the George Washington Bridge yesterday night a little before 10;00 pm. Thankfully nobody was injured in the truck accident. A man in the Bronx was less fortunate. As he was heading home bricks from a building fell on his head. He was seriously injured according to the NYPD. A witness said that after the accident the man could barely move and had blood all over his face. The police also investigated the possibility that the wind may have caused an entire building to collapse in the Bronx as well.

A sidewalk shed collapsed in Brooklyn.

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new york taxi accident locationA woman suffered serious personal injury and a taxi passenger suffered head trauma after a taxi jumped the curb next to the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan. On Sunday morning, 41 year old Melissa Bernard was walking on the 84th street sidewalk next to the Metropolitan Museum with Bowen, her two year old son. Ahead of them her husband, Adam, was pushing their one year old daughter, Colette, in a stroller. As they were walking toward Central Park, Melissa told the New York Post that she noticed a taxi driving at a high speed toward them. She grabbed her son to protect him. The taxi jumped the curb and landed on the sidewalk just between her and her husband. The taxi then hit a light pole. The light pole fell on Melissa’s back head and neck leaving her with severe injury and a possible concussion. The child was not injured. According to the Gothamist,the passenger who was in the taxi at the time of the accident also suffered head trauma.

Mohammad Miah, the cab driver told the police that he tried to avoid another taxi who had cut him off. Mohamad said the other taxi was driving in the bus lane. He didn’t stop after the accident. The police are still investigating the causes of the accident. No citations have been issued so far. Pictures from the New York post show that surveillance video cameras were located at the the site of the accident. They should help the police determine exactly what happened.

The picture on the left  is from Google Map. It shows the location of the accident. Visitors to the Metropolitan Museum and families heading to Central Park make this intersection a very busy spot. The taxi jumped the curb and landed against the fence of the Metropolitan Museum to the left of where the pedestrian with the red shirt is located on the picture.

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United_States_Postal_Service_TruckA woman was killed in a truck accident in Brooklyn, NYC, early this morning. For some mysterious reason, 52 year old Dorria Campfield from the Bronx was lying face down in the middle of Fulton Ave near Roackaway Ave at 5:00 am this morning when a US postal truck ran over her. The driver said it din’t realized it was a person. He thought it was a bump.  After he realized what happened, the 66 year old driver stayed at the scene of the accident and wasn’t charge.

Recently our personal injury law firm obtained a $4.6 million verdict for the family of a woman who was killed by a postal truck while she was riding her bike. (see previous blog)

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Hudson and LaighA bicyclist was critically injured after he collided with a truck in New York last Thursday. The accident happened at the intersection of Hudson Street and Laight Street in Tribeca around 6:40 pm. The 50 year old bike-rider was pedaling North on Hudson Street when he collided with a crane truck driving West on Laight Street. The crane truck is owned by the company “Service Sign Erectors”. The driver stayed at the scene of the accident. According to the NY Daily News the bicyclist ran the red light. The accident is being investigated by the NYPD Collision Investigation Squad.

Picture of the intersection: Google Map