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16 year old Oscar Hernandez suffered severe personal injury and his mother and sister died in the Harlem gas explosion that destroyed a building on E. 116th street in Harlem, NYC on March 12th this year. The young man spent 11 days in a coma and when he came out of the coma, he needed several surgeries that kept him in the hospital until June 27th. Oscar, his dad and his little sister are the only members of the family who survived the gas explosion. On Thanksgiving all three are happy to be alive and thank all the people who helped them.

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manhole.jpgAn NYC taxi driver and his passenger suffered personal injury after an explosion caused a manhole to fly in the air and strike the taxi on Lexington near 44th street in Manhattan early Monday morning.

The impact damaged the doors and the windshield of the taxi.

A good Samaritan pulled the two victims out of the taxi through a window and through the sunroof. The driver suffred back injury and the passenger a minor hand inury.

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One person was critically injured, 3 other people were seriously injured and two other people sustained minor injuries in a violent car crash which happened early in the morning on the FDR Drive in Manhattan, NYC.

The crash was caused by a wrong way driver who was travelling southbound in the northbound lanes of the highway around 4:00 am in the morning. The car traveled approximately 10 blocks from 34th street and then collided with two SUVs.

The driver of the vehicle sustained head injuries and was transferred to the hospital in critical condition. 5 other people were also rushed to the hospital and one person was treated at the scene.

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Freedoom%20Tower.JPG34 serious personal injuries suffered by workers during construction accidents at the New York Fredoom Tower have not been reported to OSHA according to a NY Daily News investigation that came out Yesterday. Some of the non reported accidents left workers with spinal fractuers, broken limbs and fractured hips.

The study also mentions that for 3 years in a row the injury rates at the WTC were higher than the New York State and the National average rates.

Among the non reported accidents at the New York construction site, the study mentions a worker struck in the head by a 60 pound bundle of rebar, a worker who fell 20 feet after the collapse of a scaffold and another worker struck by a large steel plate.

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A Brooklyn cop suffered severe personal injury after he tried to pull over a reckless ATV driver. As the officer approached the ATV driver to stop him he tried to get away. As the driver of the ATV hit the gas, the officer grabbed the quad’s handlebars. He was dragged close to 200 feet before the ATV driver knocked him off and ran over his leg and fled the scene.

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Queens pedestrians are at a high risk of personal injury as they have no other alternative than to walk in the street with the traffic because the City of New York is not cleaning the icy sidewalks that are on its property.

Residents are upset because according to the law in New York, property owners have 4 hours to clean their sidewalk after a snowstorm or they get a $150 ticket. The city hasn’t cleaned its sidewalks for days putting Queens residents at risk of slip and fall injuries or a car accident if they choose to walk in traffic to avoid walking on ice.

A crew from New York One was there to document the situation and met an elderly woman who just slipped and fell on her face. Her face was bleeding and she was taken to the hospital by paramedics for further treatment. Read more and look at the video on New York One website

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A taxi jumped a curb yesterday in New York City at Rockefeller Center stricking a British tourist and severing her left leg and severely injuring the other. Her foot was recovered at the scene and doctors at Bellevue Hospital tried in vain to reattach it. The 24-year-old cab driver, Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon of Queens lost the control of his car during a road-rage duel with a bike messenger. Himon who has a hack license but wasn’t authorized to drive the cab had a history of negligent driving. He was previously involved in a car accident injuring one person in 2010 and had many traffic violation on his record.

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