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9 pedestrians were killed in NYC car accidents last year during the 8 days following the end of the Daylight Saving Time. All the victims were between 55 and 88 years old.  6 of the 9 accidents occurred after sunset. According to data collected between 2010 and 2014, the number of pedestrians dying or being severely injured in car accidents increased by 40% during the last 3 months of the year. Statistics also indicate that crashes involving turns are doubling during the colder and darker months of the year.

As Daylight Saving Time ends this week-end, a $1.5 million Vision Zero campaign will be launched this Friday by the mayor’s office to prevent pedestrian deaths during the most dangerous period of the year.

Yesterday Bill de Blasio was joined by Transportation Commissioner Trottenberg, Aging Commissioner Corrado, Commissioner and Chair of the Taxi and Limousine Commission Joshi and NYPD Chief Chan at One Police Plaza to present the new pedestrian safety campaign to the press.

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view of car accident location by Goggle mapA woman suffered critical personal injury in a car accident in New York on Sunday morning around 10:30. The 60 year old pedestrian was crossing East 38th Street at the Queens Midtown Tunnel entrance when the accident happened. She was hit by a black SUV and dragged by the car for a block before being dislodged. The SUV driver fled the scene of the accident. The woman was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The police are still looking for the driver.

Picture: accident location courtesy of Google Map


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accident sceneA reckless driver fatally backed up into a pedestrian in Manhattan. The 41 year old man was driving North on Third Ave. As he was crossing E. 71st Street, he suddenly stopped in the middle of the intersection. He then proceeded to back up toward a parking spot. As he was doing so, 83 year old Lee Strong, a Upper East Side resident, had just started to cross the street in the crosswalk. The driver didn’t see her and backed into her.  She was knocked down and suffered severe head injuries. She was transported to the hospital in critical condition. She died of her injuries one day after being admitted. The driver stayed at the scene of the accident. The police have not made a decision yet as to charge him or not.  Read more in the NY Daily News

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Bicyclist and Pedestrian safety rideSo far this year 16 people were killed in a bicycle accident in New York City. This is the highest number of bikers killed over a period of 8 months in the city.  As bicycling is becoming more and more popular in New York, it is important that bikers feel safe when they ride. Pedestrians also are at increased risk of fatal accidents. 74 people died while walking in the streets of New York. Another worrisome problem is the growing number of hit and run fatal accidents. 28 people were killed by hit and run drivers since the beginning of the year. This is higher than the total number of people killed by hit and run drivers over the complete year of 2015.

This Thursday Please join Transportation Alternatives, Families For Safe Streets, Right of Way and Kidical Mass BK  to ride together to demand streets safe for biking and walking. The meeting point is at Fountain of Pamona at East 59th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan at 6:00 pm. The ride will start at 6:30 pm.

Riders want to send a message to Mayor de Blasio that “This is enough” ! Too many bicyclists and pedestrians have been killed or injured in traffic accidents in New York City this year and it has to stop.  Mayor de Blasio is not doing enough to make New York City streets safe. After improving during de blasio’s first two years as mayor, the number of bicycle and pedestrian accidents are increasing again. This Thursday riders will ask the mayor to take immediate action to fast track projects related to the construction of protected bike lanes and safeguarded pedestrian crossings in areas that have been designated priority areas by Vision Zero.

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accident sceneA livery car crashed into scaffolding and injured several people including a child. ABC7 reported that the crash occurred Saturday night around 9:45 pm in Harlem, New York. Very few details were provided as to what caused the crash and who were the victims. Pictures however show that the impact was strong as it destroyed the scaffolding.

Less than 24 hours earlier in Harlem, a pedestrian was seriously injured by a hit and run driver. The 32 year old man was visiting from Syracuse. The man was crossing Broadway near 125th street when he was struck by a car. The car must have hit the pedestrian at high speed as its bumper fell off after the crash. Despite a man on the ground and part of his car missing, the driver sped off and disappeared into the night. The police are still looking for him. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital. He suffered face injuries and a fractured left elbow according to the NY Daily News.

In Brooklyn, two people were injured in a crash involving a police car. The crash took place Monday afternoon in Park Slope according to the NY Daily News .

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NYC pedestrian accident locationA pedestrian was hit by an ambulance in New York yesterday afternoon. 81 year old Gen Zhan was crossing East 14th Street and Second Ave., NYC in the crosswalk when the ambulance struck him. The ambulance was responding to a call but didn’t have its lights or sirens on. According to ABC7 the driver had a green arrow and the right of way when he made the turn. The driver stayed at the scene of the accident. The elderly pedestrian was transported to the hospital with severe body trauma. He later died from his injuries. We are having a rash of pedestrian accident in NYC.

Picture:  location of the pedestrian accident courtesy of Google Map

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6th ave and west 19th streetA pedestrian was injured on Wednesday  in Manhattan after two cars collided and one of them careened into the woman who was crossing the street. The accident occurred around 10:00 am in Gramercy. The woman in her 40 was crossing the intersection of Avenue of the Americas and 19th street (google map picture on the left) when a yellow taxi and another car collided just next to her and one of the vehicles struck her. She was injured and bleeding according to the NY Daily News. She was transported to the hospital to be treated.

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methA reckless motorist who fatally struck a pedestrian and injured a few others in New York was convicted of murder. 35 year old Shaun Martin was high on Meth and PCP when in 2013 he sped down Second Avenue in Manhattan, NYC, jumped the curb and fatally hit a florist who was just coming home from his night shift. Two other pedestrians were also injured by the reckless driver. Shaun Martin is now facing life in prison. Read more in the NY Daily News

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imageLast week a young pedestrian died in a truck accident but the police said that the truck driver, despite leaving the scene of the accident, will not be charged.

21-year-old Noha Goldstein (picture) was crossing Broadway at the intersection of 61st Street near Columbus Circle in Manhattan, NYC, when hit by a garbage truck, suffering injuries resulting in his death. The driver never stopped. He continued on his way  leaving the young man dying in the street.  The police were able to find the driver a few days later by looking at video footage of the accident. However for some strange reason the video jumps and only footage of before and after the accident are available. The  police said that they believe that the truck driver wasn’t at fault and that he didn’t stop because he probably didn’t see the pedestrian and didn’t know that he hit him because of the nature of the garbage truck.

Read more in the Gothamist

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The two pedestrians plazas located between 35th street and 41st street in Manhattan will be remodeled and made permanent. The garment district alliance is working with the DOT to make this area a “true public space”. As part of its NYC Plaza Program, the NYC Department of Transportation is working with various non-profit organizations to develop neighborhood plazas in New York City. Not only is this type of plaza very efficient in protecting pedestrians from being injured in traffic accidents but they also provide quality open space to NYC residents. Non profit organizations in NYC can submit their proposal to the DOT. The DOT will conduct analysis such as traffic and pedestrian counts, crash data, impact on parking, impact on bike lanes, truck lanes and bus lanes to study the viability of the plaza proposal. If the proposal is selected, the DOT will first set up a temporary “One Day Plaza” at the selected location. If the outcome is positive , the next step is an interim plaza and the final step is a permanent fixture.

For now the two Broadway plazas located between 35th and 41st street are interim plazas but according to an exclusive article from the Daily News, they will become permanent fixtures.

pedestrian plazas

Picture: courtesy of Google Map