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car accident ManhattanSeveral pedestrians were injured in a car accident in New York yesterday.  The  chain reaction crash took place on Broadway between 61st street  and 62nd Street yesterday afternoon. The driver of a black Honda Sedan intentionally hit a yellow cab twice from behind. The yellow cab careened onto the sidewalk, hitting a halal food cart which fell into a Con Edison truck that was parked next to it. A female pedestrian was trapped under the food cart and was severely injured. According to the NY Daily News she almost lost an arm and is now in critical condition. 3 other pedestrians were sent by ambulance to the hospital. The vendor who was inside the food truck was also injured. The cab driver suffered minor injuries and the two passengers were fine. The police are still looking for the driver of the black Sedan which may have been a stolen car.

Picture: courtesy of Alex Silverman on Twitter

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To reduce pedestrian accidents at dangerous New York intersections, City Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) wants to re-introduce an old crosswalk system named the Barnes Dance. The Barnes Dance is a system from the 60ies where all cars have the red light at the same time at an intersection so all pedestrians can cross safely without mixing with traffic. This type of crosswalk system was named after traffic engineer Henry Barnes. The bill which will be introduced tomorrow is asking the NYC DOT to look at the feasibility of a Barnes Dance system at the 25 most dangerous intersections of the city. Read more in the NY Daily News

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A van jumped the curb and hit a pedestrian in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday afternoon. The accident happened at the intersection of West 39th Street and Seventh Ave. A witness said the van driver lost control of his vehicle and jumped the curb while pedestrians were running to get out of the way. According to the same witness, the van almost hit a mother with a stroller. The injured pedestrian was transported to the hospital. He suffered serious injury but his life was not in danger. Read more in DNA

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picture source: joshcousinbrand Instagram

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location of the accidentA pedestrian was critically injured in New York after being hit and dragged half a block by a taxi on Thursday morning. 32 year old Meral Arisoy was on the sidewalk near the intersection of 8th Street and University Place in Greenwich Village when an out of control taxi crashed into a tree pot and then hit her. Her body got wedged under the car  and she was dragged down the University Place sidewalk for half a block before the taxi stopped. According to witnesses the taxi driver was speeding before he lost control of the vehicle. Read more in the NY Daily News

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A pedestrian was fatally hit by a car in Manhattan on Friday.  The pedestrian was a 76 year old woman who was trying to cross Madison Avenue near 95th street. The car driver was heading north on Madison Avenue when he noticed a parking spot. As he attempted to back his car into it, he struck the pedestrian identified as Mary Jo Myselow. The woman suffered head injury but was conscious when she was found by a police officer lying on the ground. The driver stayed at the scene of the accident. Mary Jo Myselow died from her injuries at the hospital. Read more in the Gothamist

Two days earlier five pedestrians were injured in the Bronx after a driver lost control of his vehicle. The 26 year old driver had a suspended licensed when he jumped the curb at E. Fordham Road and Thiebout Ave in Fordham Heights. He was taken into custody by the police. Read more in the NY Daily News


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Yellow_cabA taxi driver fatally ran over a woman who was lying on a New York City street and didn’t stop. At his arraignment he said he thought he hit a pothole, not a human being.

Saturday morning around 3:30 am, 68 year old John Bangura was driving his yellow cab on First Ave near 17th Street in Stuyvesant Town, Manhattan. For some unexplained reason, 44 year old Kenya Flores was laying on the ground when the taxi ran over her and dragged her briefly on First Ave. Before laying in the path of the taxi, Flores had laid down in a bus path.

According to the NY Daily News, witnesses saw the taxi trying to drive around a car who had stopped in front of him when he hit the woman.  He dragged her down the street and sped away.  Flores was taken to the hospital where she later died.

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A pedestrian was fatally struck by a sanitation truck in New York yesterday morning around 6:00 am. The pedestrian, a 55 year old woman had the right of way. She was crossing First Avenue in the crosswalk with the walk sign on when she was struck by a sanitation truck driver who was making a left turn from 92nd Street onto First Ave. After the accident the police indicated that the victim was injured but conscious. She had a deep cut on her forehead and she also complained of leg and wrist pain. She was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead 20 minutes later.  She may have suffered fatal internal bleeding.

The driver of the sanitation truck stayed at the scene of the accident. So far he hasn’t been arrested or charged. Under the Right of Way Law, New York drivers injure or kill a pedestrian who has the right of way can be criminally charged.

MTS rampResidents of Yorkville had long predicted that such an accident would happened when in 2014 they tried to oppose the construction of the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station, a massive garbage site visited by hundreds of garbage trucks every day.

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In New York State, 142 bicyclists and 925 pedestrians died in accidents during the 3-year period of 2011, 2012 and 2013 according to the recently released  Alliance for Biking and Walking 2016 Benchmarking Report. The number of bicyclists and pedestrian fatalities increased compared to the 3-year period of 2008, 2009 and 2010. This doesn’t mean however that the streets and the roads in New York are getting more dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. A study of the bicyclist fatality rates between 2005 and 2013 shows that the bicyclist fatality rate over the 3-year period of 2005, 2006, 2007 was 13 fatalities per 10K biking commuters compared to 9 on average for the 3-year periods of 2008-2010 and 2011-2013. For New York pedestrians the sames rates were respectively 6, 5 and 5.

Even though these rates indicate that the roads of New York have gotten slightly safer, New York State’s bicyclist fatalities as a percentage of all traffic fatalities is 3% which is the second highest rate of all states in the US behind Florida with 4%. Looking at the pedestrian fatality rate as a percentage of all traffic fatalities, New York has the highest rate of all states in the US with 24%  (click on graph below to see them in a larger size)

bicyclist fatality by state
pedestrian fatality by states
Looking at selected demographics, data shows that in New York State from 2005 to 2013 an average  31% of bicyclists killed in bicycle accidents were Hispanic, 11% were seniors (over age 65) and 15% were youth (under age 16).

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There are usually less personal injuries and deaths related to motor vehicle accidents in New York City during the month of January than during most other months. This January there were 17,798 traffic accidents compared to 15,977 in January 2015, 16,597 in January 2014 and 15,599. Even though motor vehicle accidents decreased from January 2014 to 2015 the number of monthly accidents has been on an increasing trend. It is the first time that the number of traffic accidents is above 17,000 for the month of January.

Traffic Accidents NYC January 2016
Despite an increasing number of traffic accidents the number of injuries and deaths related to theses accidents have decreased. This is hopefully related to the introduction of various initiatives to make the streets safer launched under the NYC Vision Zero project. As motorists are driving slower and in a safer way, accidents still happen but less road users are injured or die.

3,624 people were injured in a traffic crash in New York this past January.  This is more than in January 2015 (2,449) but less than in January 2014 (3,899) and in January 2013 (3,993).  Globally over the last 3 years the monthly number of people injured in NYC auto accidents has been decreasing. However during the last few months, the number of injuries have been picking up again. For example, In December 2015 there were 4,519 people injured in auto accidents in NYC compared to 4,117 in December 2014 and 4,277 in December 2013. It was the first time that the number of injuries related to traffic accidents in NYC was above the trend line in December.

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A 77 year old woman died after being hit by a car in New York. The pedestrian accident occurred at the intersection of Madison Avenue and 36th Street around 8:30 am on Monday morning.  77 year old Carol Dauplaise, a Manhattan jeweler, was crossing Madison Avenue from east to west. She had the green light and was in the crosswalk. As she was crossing, Buddhi Gurund, a limo driver for Tel-A-Car, made a left turn onto Madison Avenue from 36th street and struck her.  Other pedestrians who witnessed the accident rushed to the rescue and lift the car off to try to save the woman. She was transported to the hospital where she later died from her injuries.

Carol Dauplaise was a successful jeweler who had developed her own business into a multi million-dollar business. She started her own company in 1979 with only two other employees: a sales person and a design assistant.  Her company is now employing 50 people in New York City. Her store was located a block away from the accident on 37th Street.

The limo driver told the police that he didn’t see the victim.  According to the Gothamist he was arrested and charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian and failure to exercise due care.