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location of the bike accidentA motorcyclist was seriously injured and his passenger died after they collided with a car in New York City on Sunday night.

The accident occurred in Howard Beach, Queens, around 9:00 pm. The 28 old driver and a 33 year old passenger were riding their motorcycle on 162nd Street. As they were crossing the intersection of 162nd Street and Cross Bay Boulevard they collided with a car making a left turn from Cross Bay Boulevard onto 162nd Street.

The car was driven by a 19 year old woman who was transporting two passengers.

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A man died in a motorcycle accident in New York City early Saturday morning. Around 4:30 am, 45 year old Angel Cotto was riding his motorcycle on Gate Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens when he blew a stop sign and crashed into a car driven by a 75 year old driver. The impact was so strong that the motorcyclist was ejected from his bike and landed on the street. He was seriously injured but still alive when the emergency team arrived. He was rushed to the hospital where he died.

Among all road users in New York City, motorcyclists are at a disproportionate risk of death. According to a previous study by the NYC DOT, while motorcycles account for only 2% of all registered vehicles in New York City, they account for 14% of traffic fatalities. The fatal crash rate for motorcyclists in New York City is nearly twice the rate recorded for New York State motorcyclists. Fatal motorcycle accidents often occur to young riders: 56 % are under the age of 35 and nearly 100% of them are male. Most accidents occur during the summer especially during the afternoon or the evening hours and involved another vehicle.

Motorcycle Accidents in NYC May 2018


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accident sceneSadly NYC motorcycle accidents are always increasing when the warm days come back in the city.  Over the last few days two people died in two separate motorcycle accidents in New York City.

Last Saturday night a motorcyclist was killed after he collided with a minivan in Queens. The accident occurred a little bit after 10:14 pm at the intersection of 221st Street and 113th Drive in Cambria Heights. The motorcyclist who was travelling west on 113th Drive crashed into the passenger door of a minivan travelling North on 221st Street. The motorcyclist was taken to the hospital in critical condition. He later died from his injuries. The 55 year old van driver stayed at the scene of the accident. He suffered minor injury. (Read more in Pix11)

Another motorcyclist died in Brooklyn. 27 year old Luimy Acosta-Collado was riding a dirt bike on Hancock Street in Bushwick on Monday night around 10:50 pm when he struck a car that was doubled parked. He landed on his back and was pinned under a SUV. The bike continued on its way without its driver and crashed into another car. Luimy just lived a half block away. Right after the accident occurred, neighbors as well as his wife ran in the street to try to help him. His wife was frantic and crying. She was saying “please don’t let my husband died”.  The man was rushed to the hospital but he didn’t survive. The driver of the SUV, a 24 year old woman stayed at the scene of the accident. She wasn’t hurt.  As the police arrived to investigate the accident they were unable to find the dirt bike. It was apparently stolen shortly after the accident occurred. The dirt bike that Luimy was riding didn’t belong to him. Dirt bikes are illegal in New York City and neighbors believe that the owner of the bike took it back before it got confiscated. (Read more in the NY Daily News)

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accident sceneA man was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in New York City.  The motorcyclist was riding his bike South on Lefferts Boulevard near 115th Ave in Queens, NYC, Saturday around 1:00 pm when a Dodge Ram pick up truck slammed into him. The driver of the pick up truck was driving North and swerved to avoid hitting a car. The police also suspect that the motorcyclist may have been driving over the speed limit. Investigation is still ongoing. The collision was so violent that a witness who was driving several cars behind them said he saw the motorcyclist flying high into the air. The 27-year-old rider suffered trauma all over his body as well as a broken leg. Read more in the NY Daily News

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accident sceneA man died in a motorcycle accident in New York City last Friday. 26 year old Michael Ramnath from the Bronx was riding his bike north on the Cross Island Parkway in Queens when the accident occurred. According to the NY Daily News, the motorcyclist was attempting to switch lanes when he struck a car. He then hit the guardrail and got ejected from his motorcycle.  The young man was transported to the hospital in critical condition. He later died from his injuries. The driver of the car stayed at the scene of the accident and wasn’t charged.

Another motorcyclist was in critical condition after he hit a pothole in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The biker was riding South on Marcus Garvey Boulevard. As he was approaching Kosciuszko Street he hit a pothole and got ejected from his motorcycle. he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. It is obviously extremely dangerous to ride in The City. One has to deal with numerous roadway defects as well as drivers who are not alert to motorcycles. If you must ride keep within the speed limit, don’t expect drivers to yield and always be on the lookout for potholes and improperly laid metal plates, among other hazardous roadway conditions.

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Grand Central ParkwayA man died in a NYC motorcycle accident yesterday night. According to the NYPD the 28 year old motorcyclist was speeding on Grand Central Parkway, weaving in and out of traffic. As he was traveling in the right center lane he crashed into the back of a SUV. The driver and the passenger of the SUV suffered neck and back injuries and were transported to the hospital. The motorcyclist was also taken to the hospital but he couldn’t be saved.

Read more in the NY Daily News 

Picture of the Grand Central Parkway and Jewel Ave courtesy of Google Map


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Little Bay ParkA motorcyclist died after he apparently crashed his bike into a tree in Bay Side, Queens, NYC.  According to the the NY Daily News the motorcyclist was found dead on a path in Little Bay Park  by a passing bicyclist. His dirt bike landed several feet away on some rocks near the water. The man apparently lost control of his bike and hit a tree. The cyclist who found him told the News that the motorcyclist may have hurt himself after crashing on the rocks and then walked to the grass and laying on it before he died. Read more in the NY Daily News


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A 22 year old man died in a motorcycle accident in Queens, NYC around 5:45 am on Sunday morning. 22 year old Nathaniel Gomez was riding on Steinway street near 23rd Ave when he lost control of his bike. He was rushed to the hospital where he died. Read more in the NY Daily News