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location of the hit and run accidentA 70 year old man was critically injured by a speeding hit an run driver yesterday afternoon in Brooklyn, NYC. The man who was riding his electric scooter  was in the crosswalk at the intersection of 25th Avenue and 85th Street when he was side-swiped by a speeding white SUV.  The impact knocked the elderly man off of his scooter.  Jennifer Fahmy, a teenaged pedestrian was standing nearby and witnessed the accident. She told NBC News that the driver almost hit her as well. As he was fleeing witnesses said he ran several red lights.

Jennifer immediately ran to the victim to assist him. She said that he was critically injured and was barely moving. She called 911.

The elderly man was rushed to the hospital in life threatening condition.

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A woman suffered critical personal injury after being hit by a car in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC early Saturday. The woman who was in her thirties was hailing a cab near Rodney Street and Metropolitan Avenue when she was hit by silver BMW. The driver sped off in the night leaving the woman agonizing in the street. The woman was transported to the hospital. She suffered serious head trauma and was listed in critical condition. The police are still looking for the driver and have released the below surveillance image of the car.

hit and run car

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A hit and run driver struck a young pedestrian in Brooklyn, NYC last Friday around 12:55 am. The car accident happened at the intersection of Broadway and Marcy Ave in Williamsburg. The 15 year old boy was critically injured. Read more in the NY Daily News.

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A 29 year old pedestrian died after being struck by a hit and run driver in New York on Friday night. The accident happened in Midtown Manhattan on the FDR Drive next to the 34th street exit. The police are still looking for the driver. The victim was transported to the hospital were he died. Read more in the NY Daily News

Last year from January to December NYPD  recorded 38,000 hit and run incidents. In 4,000 cases victims were left injured on  the road. In 48 cases the victims were severely injured or died in the accident. The police arrested 28 people who were related to these 48 cases (read more in Capital New York)

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The police are looking for a hit and run driver who killed a teen pedestrian Tuesday night in Queens, NYC.  The accident happened on Northern Blvd near Junction Blvd. 17 year old Jaremello Ovidio was crossing the road when he was hit by the car. The driver didn’t stop. The teen was left dying in the street. He was walking home from a funeral when he was hit by the car. The police are looking for a black Toyota Camry that was driving westbound on Northern Blvd around 11:00 pm on Tuesday night.

So far this year there were 38,000 hit and run accidents in New York City. 31 people died in these accidents and 4000 suffered personal injury.

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A young man was seriously injured after being struck by a car in New York City a little bit before 10:00 pm yesterday night. The pedestrian was crossing Union Turnpike near Woodhaven Blvd, in Forest Hills, Queens, when he was hit by the negligent driver. According to a witness, the car didn’t break and struck the pedestrian at full speed. The impact was so hard that the pedestrian went flying against a metallic dumpster at the corner of the street. The  didn’t stop and fled the scene. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Read more in the NY Daily News

A year ago, a participant at a Vision Zero Queens South workshop pinpointed the dangerous intersection of Union Turnpike and Woodhaven Blvd (see picture below). Forrest Hill residents consider Union Turnpike very unsafe for both pedestrians and bicyclists. Last year the speed limit was lowered to 25 mph and this summer the police cracked down on speeding drivers to try to prevent accidents such as the one that happened yesterday night.

Vision Zero Union Turnpike and Woodhaven Blvd



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78 year old Lynn Reynolds  was making a left turn when she fatally struck a 14 year old pedestrian last year in Brooklyn, NYC.  She got out of her car, looked around and then got back into her car and drove home 4 blocks away. She was arraigned yesterday  for leaving the scene of a fatal accident but she claimed that she didn’t see the victim and thought  a ball struck the car. Reynolds, who was released on a $25,000 bail, will face anywhere from probation to seven years in prison if convicted. Read more in the NY Daily News 

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A man suffered serious personal  injury after he was intentionally run over by a driver with whom he had an argument minutes before the hit and run on 155th street and Union Street in the Bronx, NYC. The man was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The police were looking for a black Ford Taurus with Pennsylvania plates seen driving away from the scene.

Less than two hours later a driver apparently distracted by the TV trucks at the scene of the previous accident struck a pregnant woman. The woman suffered leg injuries and was transported to the hospital. Her husband who with her when the accident happened had to be handcuffed by the police after he assaulted the driver.

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A female pedestrian was left injured on the road by a negligent driver who backed into her and took off.  The accident was caught on camera. The video shows that after the driver struck the victim, he stopped and got out of his car. However moments later he got back into his car and took off.  The accident happened on August 19th in front of Jackson Ave in Mott Haven. The police are looking for the hit and run driver.


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A 57 year old man was seriously injured in a bicycle accident during which a car hit him and fled. The bicyclist had stopped in the middle of the street and was trying to cross West  145th street near Lenox Avenue when a red sedan struck him and sped away. The impact was so strong that the bicyclist was thrown in the air and landed on the windshield of the car, rolled off the hood and then hit the pavement while the bike was catapulted in the air and hit a minivan. The police are still searching for the reckless driver.

West 145th Street is a very dangerous street where many crashes have occurred in the past.  The bicycle accident happened near the intersection of Lenox Ave. According to the NYC.crashmapper heat map, 89 collisions were recorded at this location over a period of 31 months. 10 pedestrians, 2 bicyclists, 10 passengers and 11 motorists suffered personal injuries in theses crashes. Click on map below to see full size