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50 BroadwayAn elevator worker was seriously injured in an elevator accident in New York. The man was working on an elevator in a building in downtown Manhattan when the accident happened. Witnesses said they heard the desperate man screaming for help. The man was working on a newly installed elevator at 50 Broadway in the Financial Distrcit. He was employed by  Centennial Elevator Industries. Firefighters who were called to the rescue were seen transporting the arm in ice in an attempt to preserve it. The worker was transported to the hospital in critical condition.  According to the Post doctors have been trying to reattach his arm.

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New York Car AccidentTwo women were seriously injured in a car accident in New York City around 6:00 am on Tuesday morning.  One of the women was driving a livery cab and the other one was her passenger. As the driver approached the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Neptune Ave in Coney Island she lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a utility pole.

According to News12 Brooklyn a surveillance camera shows the car speeding just before the accident. The impact was so strong that the utility pole fell on the street. The front of the car was totally destroyed. The driver was badly injured and transported to the hospital in critical condition. The passenger was also inured and transported to the hospital in stable condition.

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Park Slope Garage CondominiumA 4 year old boy died after falling in an elevator shaft inside a luxury NYC garage. According to the police, Jack Roberts slipped through a 10 inch gap between a freight elevator and the shaft at the Park Slope Garage Condominium in Brooklyn, NYC. For some unknown reason, the toddler and his parents were allowed to use a freight elevator that was meant for vehicles to get to the third floor of the garage. Other owners of parking spaces who learned about the elevator accident were in shock.  They said it was very unusual for the staff to allow anyone in the freight elevator.  Car owners usually pick up and drop their car in a designated area at the entrance of the garage. Then the staff takes care of taking them in and out of their respective parking spaces using the freight elevators.

After the accident happened, The Department of Buildings filed a complaint requesting an investigation.

The luxury garage was one the first “condominiums for cars” in New York State with more than 100 parking spaces. The actual price of a parking space there is estimated at $300,000.  The initial price for a parking space at the garage when it opened in 1986 was $29,000. At the time it was already considered a very high price. It went up over the years as Park Slope  developed into a trendy neighborhood.  It recently shot up after another similar condominium garage located nearby closed.

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jbOur partner, New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Jeff Bloom is helping our client Elissa McMahon in her crusade to get Lavern’s law passed (see previous post).  After she discovered that doctors in a New York hospital failed to diagnose cancer, Elissa McMahon was unable to bring a lawsuit because the statute of limitations had passed. In New York the statute of limitations for victims of medical malpractice starts at the time of the occurrence of the medical error. Lavern’s Law is a proposal to have the statute of limitations start at the time of the discovery of the error. This law would allow patients like our client, Elissa McMahon, to bring a lawsuit against the hospital which failed to diagnose her cancer. Most States in the US have similar laws. New York State is one of only six States to start the statute of limitations at the time of the occurrence of the error. Talking about Elissa McMahon’s case, Jeffrey Bloom told the NY Daily News “How could she possibly not have a right to bring a lawsuit when the statute of limitations ran (out) before she even knew she was sick?”

In 2012 Elissa McMahon went to Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City for a fibroid removal. At the time of the surgery, pathology slides from Lenox Hill Hospital clearly indicated that the patient had cancer but doctors failed to diagnose it. Two years later she went to a doctor after suffering from severe back pain. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 6 months later she consulted with our firm and discovered that the statute of limitations had passed and that she was unable to sue. Our partner Jeffrey Bloom is now helping Elissa McMahon in her battle to change the law and get justice. If the law goes through in the next session Elissa McMahon, a 46 year old single mother of a teenage son, will be able to bring a lawsuit. If it doesn’t pass this session she will have to wait until next year. She has stage 4 metastatic cancer and told the News “Even if my son can’t benefit from this, there are other people in similar situations.”

Below is a video of Elissa McMahon in which she discusses her tragic situation with Jeffrey Bloom. Jeff traveled to Albany in support of Elissa and others in her situation to push for the passage of Lavern’s Law. It is a travesty that the Republican’s in the legislature have been blocking this law.

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32 year old Michelle Mignott was killed in a car accident in New York City in 2014. The two reckless drivers who were indicted in the accident will be tried in August if they don’t accept a plea deal. Richard Roman-Santos and Gerard Herbert both charged with vehicular manslaughter appeared yesterday in front of Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Vincent Del Giudice. The judge told then that if no plea agreement was reached the case would go to trial on August 1st. The two men were previously offered 3 to 9 years in jail if they pleaded guilty but they both refused.

On August 17th 2014, Herbert was driving in Brooklyn with two female passengers. One of them, Michelle Mignott was lying on the back seat. As he was making a left turn, Roman-Santos who was driving at a speed of 94 miles per hours crashed into him. Mignott was killed in the accident. Herbert who first refused to take a breathalyzer was later tested with .20.  Roman Santos accepted the breathalyzer and was found to be at the limit of .08.

The two men are expected to be back in front of the judge on June 7th and will have to say if they accept the plea deal or not.

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lit cigaretteTwo people died and one person  was injured in two separate fire accidents in New York City yesterday. Both of them were sparked by lit cigarettes, officials said today. A first fire started Monday morning around 9:00 am in Queens. Andre Reid, a 69 year old retired firefighter died in the blaze. The man had first helped his wife getting out of the house and then he decided to go back in the house to retrieve something. Firefighters found him unconscious in his bedroom. He was transported to the hospital where he died from smoke inhalation. Later on during the day another fire was sparked by a lit cigarette in Brooklyn. The fire started in the bathroom of an apartment in Propsect Lefferts Gardens. There weren’t any smoke detectors in the apartment and the fire quickly spread to the rest of the apartment. A 65 year old woman died and another resident was injured.

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Coupe_de_poumon_atteint_de_silicoseMany construction workers who have been over exposed to silica dust developed lung cancer, silicosis as well as pulmonary and kidney disease. The danger of exposure to silica dust was first highlighted by the US government in 1930 but the first rule related to silica exposure time was released in 1971 when OSHA was created. The 1971 rule is outdated and recent waves of illnesses and deaths among construction workers have led to the creations of new OSHA standards. A final rule was issued by OSHA two months ago on March 25. The rule contains two standards: one for the construction industry and one for the maritime and general industry. OSHA estimates that every year the new standards will save 600 lives and prevent 900 workers from getting silicosis. The standards will take effect on June 23, 2016. From that date, the construction industry will have one year to comply with OSHA requirements.

To help contractors and construction workers understand and comply with the new standard, the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) just hosted a webinar on  “Understanding & Implementing the New Construction Silica Standard”.  In this webinar,OSHA’s Director of Standards & Guidance,  David O’connor, presented the key provisions in the new standard. A free planning tool was also presented to participants. CPWR Deputy Director, Chris Trahan and CPWR r2p Director, Eileen Betit explained to participants how to make the best use of this planning tool. A recording of the webinar can be found here.

Additionally, at the request of many who could not attend the first webinar, another live webinar session will take place on Thursday June 16th at 2;00 pm Eastern Time. The same speakers, David O’Connor, OSHA’s Director of Standards & Guidance , Chris Trahan, CPWR Deputy Director and Eileen Betit, CPWR r2p Director will discuss the new standard for the construction industry and best way to implement it. The webinar is free and aimed at contractors in the construction industry but anyone interested can attend. If you wish to participate you can register here.

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Victims of medical malpractice in New York have 15 months to file a lawsuit against a public hospital and 2 and half years  to sue a private hospital or a physician after a medical error occurred. This rule is unfair to the many patients who only discover that they have been the victim of a medical malpractice after the statute of limitations has passed. For example if a doctor fails to diagnose cancer, it can take several years until the misdiagnosis is discovered. The patient is then left without any possibility to sue and get compensated for the medical error.

Patient advocates strongly believe that the statute of limitations should start at the time of the discovery of the medical error instead of starting at the time of the occurrence of the medical error.

Last week a coalition of 33 organizations sent a letter to Governor Cuomo and the New York State legislative leaders asking them to take the appropriate measures to pass the so called Lavern’s law. The law, named after Lavern Wilkinson, proposes to start  the statute of limitations  at the time of the discovery of the medical error. Lavern Wilkinson died of a curable form of lung cancer in 2013 after being misdiagnosed in 2010.  Lavern was diagnosed with cancer while in terminal phase. The statute of limitations had passed and she was unable to sue for the medical malpractice and get compensated. She left behind a 15 year old autistic child who requires 24 hour attention and care.

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Two New York window washers were left dangling 140 feet in the air after one side of their carriage suddenly dropped. The two men were washing windows on the 14th floor of a building located on Lexington Ave near 99th street when the accident happened.The two men were safely harnessed and didn’t suffer any injury. They were rescued by a team of firefighters and members from the NYPD Emergency Service Unit who were able to pull them to safety through a window. Read more in the NY Daily News

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Metro North Fire AccidentInvestigators found that the massive fire that erupted below the Metro North train tracks in New York last Tuesday was caused by illegally stored gardening chemicals at the The Urban Garden Center. The store located on E. 116th had its storage area between E.117th and E.118th Streets just below the Metro North train tracks. Despite storing large quantities of propane, fertilizers, firewood, soil and other gardening chemicals, the store owners never bothered to  asked authorities for a permit to store flammable material in this location. According to DNA Info if they would have done so the permit would have been denied.  The fire accident happened after employees at the Urban Garden Store Center spilled fuel on a hot generator while they were refueling it. Employees didn’t wait for the generator to cool down before refilling it. They sparked a fire that quickly turned into a massive blaze when it spread to the the flammable chemicals sitting nearby in the the storage area. According to the Gothamist there were at least 20 tanks of propane stored there illegally. The Metro North train services were interrupted until yesterday. Thankfully nobody was injured in this accident. Picture: courtesy of Ben Parkin on Twitter