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8 year old Jadan William died last week after being struck by a car in Brooklyn, NYC. The young girl was playing with her friends on E. 22nd Street, a dead end street near Ditmas Ave in Ditmas Park when she was struck by a SUV heading south in the cul-de-sac. A neighbor and two nurses from a nearby nursing home performed CPR on the young girl while waiting for the ambulance. The girl who suffered severe head trauma was transported to the hospital in  critical condition but couldn’t be saved. The driver, 35 year old Reginald August, lived on the block and and was a “known speeder” according to residents. After the crash the driver was punched in the face by Tony Romans who knew the girl and witnessed the crash. He was also transported to the hospital and wasn’t immediately charged. The man who punched him was arrested and charged with assault.

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Tow teenagers from Manhattan were injured, one critically in a car accident on Saturday around 8 pm.  The  non identified 17 year old driver and his 18 year old passenger identified as Steven Fermin had stolen the car from the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in New Jersey. They were pursued by the police on the New Jersey Turnpike near Ridgefield Prk when the accident happened. During the crash the driver was thrown from the car. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Read more in the NY Daily News

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Divine22 year old Jefrrey Divine of Stormville died in a motorcycle accident, early Sunday morning in Putnam Valley, NY. The motorcyclist was riding North on the Taconic State Parkway when he collided with a SUV Subaru driving in the wrong way around 3.35 am on Sunday. According to the preliminary investigation, 40 year old Melida Espinal drove her SUV south in the northbound lanes after entering the roadway at Peekskill Hollow Road before crashing head-on with the motorcyclist. Espinal and two other occupants from the car only suffered minor injuries.
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A woman in her thirties suffered critical personal injury after she was pinned between a car and a a wall by a drunk driver who slammed into a Bronx produce stand yesterday. Another pedestrian was injured by flying debris. The 68 year old driver stayed at the scene of the accident and was taken into custody by the police. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and he is now facing criminal charges.




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A famous Broadway actor died this week-end after falling from the fire escape of an apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, NYC. Kyle Jean-Baptiste was the youngest and the first African-American actor to play the role of Jean Valjean in the Broadway Musical “Les Miserables”. According to the New York Times, Kyle was sitting on the fourth floor fire escape with a 23 year old female friend when he stood up, slipped and fell backwards to the street below.

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There were 19,061 motor vehicle accidents in New York City in July 2015 compared to 19,428 the previous month. During the same month in 2014 and 2013 there were respectively 17,361 and 17,548 crashes.  For the last 3 months the number of  accidents was unusually high and stayed above 19,000. So far since the beginning of the year there were 123,697 traffic accidents in NYC compared to respectively 118,195 and 117,022 for the same period of 2014 and 2013.

Motor Vehicle Accidents NYC July 2015


4,776 people suffered personal injury in motor vehicle accidents in NYC in July compared to 4,795 the previous month and respectively 4,591 and 5,077 for July 2014 and July 2013. Even though the number of motor vehicle accidents was very high in the month of July the number of people injured in these accidents was lower in July 2015 than in July 2013 and almost the same as in July 2014.

The number of motorists injured in a vehicle accident in July 2015 was unusually high and above 2,000 for the first time over the last 3 years under review.

So far since the beginning of the year 28,306 people were injured in traffic accidents in New York City compared to respectively 28,974 and 31,196  for the same period of 2014 and 2013.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries New York City July 2015


NYC Traffic fatalities were at their lowest in July 2015 with 20 fatalities compared to 28 in July 2014 and 22 in July 2013. 127 people died in motor vehicle accidents in New York City since the beginning of the year compared to 145 during the same period of 2014 and 143 during the same period of 2013.

There is still a long way to reach zero fatalities targeted by mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative, however some improvement can be noticed as despite a spike in crashes both the number of people injured and killed in traffic accidents are down since the beginning of the year.

Traffic fatalities NYC July 2015


Pedestrian personal injuries and deaths have been declining the most. Since the beginning of the year 5,392 pedestrians were injured and 60 died in traffic crashes in New York City compared to respectively 6,311 injuries and 70 deaths for the same period of 2014 and 6,789 injuries and 84 deaths for 2013. With 6 fatalities, pedestrian deaths declined by 50% and more in July 2015 compared to July 2014 with 15 fatalities and July 2013 with 12 fatalities.

Pedestrian deaths and injuries NYC July 2015


Even though numerous initiatives have been implemented to protect New York bicyclists the number of bicycle accidents and injuries related to these accidents were at their highest in  July 2015. The number of deaths was also high with 3 people dying in a bicycle accident in July.  A record number of 714 bicycle accidents were reported to the NYPD in July 2015 compared to 664 in July 2014 and 604 in July 2013. 570 bicyclists were injured in accidents in July 2015 compared to 531 in July 2014 and 470 in July 2013.

Since the beginning of the year 8 people died and 2,155 were injured  in bicycle accidents compared to respectively 11 deaths and 2,087 injuries and 6 deaths and 2,161 injuries for the same period of 2014 and 2013.

Bicycle accidents injuries deaths NYC July 2015


July is also a month during which more motorcycle accidents are reported to the NYPD.  Last month there were 298 motorcycle accidents in New York city compared to respectively 283 and 251 for the month of July in 2014 and 2013.

motorcycle accidents NYC July 2015


Over the last 3 years bus accidents have always recorded a decline in July.

bus accidents New York City July 2015


Over the last 3 years truck accidents have been steadily increasing in New York City. There were 805 truck accidents in July 2015 compared to 684 in July 2014 and 620 in July 2013. Since the beginning of the year  5,024 truck accidents have been reported to the NYPD compared to 4,488 for the same period of 2014 and 4,075 for 2013.


truck accidents NYC July 2015


Distracted driving continued to be the number one cause of Accidents in New York City followed by “following too closely” and “failure to yield”.

Human factors in traffic accidents NYC July 2015



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A construction worker died after he fell down an elevator shaft in New York. The accident happened yesterday at the beginning of the afternoon at the construction site of a future hotel located at 577 9th Avenue near 41st Street in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan.

According to DNA Info the construction worker  was not wearing a harness at the time of the accident. He was working on the fourth floor near the elevator shaft which, at the time, was just a hole that extended all the way to the ground. He fell in and landed on his back. The man who was 30 years old was transported to the hospital in critical condition. He later died.

A few months ago the general contractor for the construction site, BRF Construction Corp, was fined for failing to secure the site after a construction worker was spotted on a 15 to 20 foot wall without a harness. BRF employed non union workers.

577 9th Avenue Site

The construction site of the future hotel where the fatal accident happened. Picture: courtesy of Google Map


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A bicyclist was critically injured after being hit by a truck in Brooklyn, NYC yesterday. The accident happened at the intersection of Bath Ave and Bay 25th Street. The bicyclist who was delivering food for China Garden located half block away was trying to cross Bath Ave when he was hit by a truck traveling east on Bath Ave. The victim who is 65 years old was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Read more in the NY Daily News

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An elderly pedestrian succumbed to her wounds two days after she was hit by a FedEx van.  Lubov Brodskaya was crossing Ave J near E 12th Street in Midwood, Brooklyn, NYC around 1;30 pm on Wednesday when the accident happened.  The van which was turning right onto Ave J hit the woman while she was in the crosswalk. The driver stayed at the scene of the accident and wasn’t expected to be charged. The woman sustained severe head injury and was transported to the hospital. She died two days later.

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Nearly a dozen people were injured in a bus accident in New York City yesterday afternoon. The bus was traveling on the north bond bus lane of Woodhaven Boulevard when a SUV traveling in the same direction cut in front of it to make a right turn. The bus driver tried to avoid the SUV and swerved before to crash into the building located at the corner of 63rd Avenue. The building was partially destroyed and the wall of an apartment located on the second floor was teared down.  At the time of the accident, Colette Landers who resides in the apartment was inside. Thankfully she didn’t sustained any injury but she was shaken up.  She explained to CBS that she was about to take a shower when everything flew over in her apartment and the wall fell down.

Witnesses tried to help injured passengers to get out of the bus by the windows however they couldn’t get to the bus driver who was crushed in his seat. They had to wait for the emergency crews to take him out using the jaws of life. He was seriously injured and transported to the hospital with six other passengers who also suffered serious injury. Other passengers were treated on stretchers at the scene of the accident.