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Threee more pedestrians died this weekend in New York City after being struck by vehicles in three separate accidents which happened in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

76 year old Melvina Hibbert was hit by a car on Conduit Blvd, near Belmont Ave in East New York. The impact was so strong that her body flew against the windshield and destroyed it (see picture in the NY Daily News. She died from her injury at the hospital.

The second victim was 79 year old Edmund Chow who was struck by a van as he crossed Hillside Ave near 257th Street. He also died at the hospital.

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fatal%20car%20crash.jpg A 27 year old driver was killed after he struck a Jersey Barrier on the Belt Parkway in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, NYC. Because he hit the Jersey Barrier at high speed, he then hit a guard rail and the car traveled across 3 lanes before striking another rail. The driver was then ejected from the car and fell on the highway, resulting in his death. The car continued to travel and fell off the elevated parkway onto the ground below. The fatal car crash happened last Monday around 2:00 am.

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87 year old Anthony Ledic and his 89 year old wife Milenka were exiting the BJ’s Wholesale Club in Queens, NYC, when the fatal car accident happened. Anthony Ledic lost control of his station wagon and struck another car before slaming into the light pole. The impact was so violent that the couple died at the scene of the accident.
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Richard Romano Santos and Gerrard Herbert were both drunk when they crashed into each other on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NYC, a few months ago. Michelle Mignot who was lying down on the back seat of Herbert’s car was killed during the accident. Both men were charged together for the death of Michelle Mignot and they are facing up to 15 years in jail.
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Gridlock%20Sam.jpgFormer Traffic Commissioner Sam Schwartz, also known as Gridlock Sam because he coined the term gridlock, believes the following measures would be effective in cutting down the number of pedestrian accidents in New York City.

  • forensic investigation of all fatal and severe accidents by a traffic engineer
  • more pedestrian refuge islands
  • better roadway lighting at night
  • improvement of yellow and all-red signal timing
  • reduce drunk driving
  • reduce texting and driving
  • expand red lights and speed cameras
  • increase the number uniformed pedestrian traffic managers
  • enforce traffic safety at constructions sites
  • mandatory rear wheel guards for trucks

Some of this measures are similar to those proposed by Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD Commissioner Bratton in Queens last week (see our previous blog).