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3449 people were injured and 13 people died  in traffic accidents in New York City in January 2015 compared to respectively 3899 and 21 in January 2014 , 3993 and 28 in January 2013 and 4179 and 21 in January 2012. These numbers are encouraging and may indicate that the Vision Zero Program started approximately a year ago may be effective in making New York City streets safer. Data from December 2014 and January 2015 also show, for the first time, two consecutive months during which the total monthly number of traffic fatalities was below 14. The total number of motor vehicle accidents was stable. Below are graphs depicting traffic accident rates from January, 2013 to January 2015 for various types of accidents for each month for this time period in NYC.

Traffic fatalities NYC january 2015
Motor Vehicle Accident injuries by month in NYC
Motor Vehicle Accidents NYC january 2015
6 pedestrians died in traffic accidents in January 2015 compared to 12 in January 2014, 20 in January 2013 and 12 in January 2012. This is the lowest number since May 2013. This is also half the number recorded the same month a year before.  In January 2015, 902 pedestrians suffered personal injury after being struck by a car compared to respectively 1075, 1107 and 1045 in 2014, 2013 and 2012. Its the first time that this number is below 1000 for the month of January.

Pedestrian deaths and injuries NYC January 2015
115 people were injured and 1 person died in bicycle accidents in January.  Bike accidents are usually at their lowest in New York City during the months of January and February because less people use their bikes because of the bad weather and the snow.

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A 42 year old woman was loading her luggage in the trunk of a cab when she was hit by another cab that crashed into her and pinned her between the two vehicles. A witness who saw the crash said that the taxi crushed the leg of the woman who fell on the ground in extreme pain. The witness also stated that she lost a lot of blood. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital in critical condition. Both taxi drivers remained at the scene and none of them was charged as the police were till investigating the cause of the accident. This morning’s icy and slushy weather may have played a role in the crash. According to the sister of the victim, the woman was on her way back to California after she came to New York for the wake of a friend who was sick and had just passed away. Read more in the NY Daily News 

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Dangerous IntersectionA tractor trailer fatally hit a young man who was crossing a street in the Bronx, NYC, Tuesday night. The truck accident happened around 10.20 pm. 20 year old Kenny Valette was crossing Webster Ave near E. 174 Street when he was struck by a large truck that was making a right turn from the Cross Bronx Expressway exit ramp. The drivers remained at the scene while Valette was transported to the hospital where he died from his injuries. Read more in the NY Daily News.

According to, 1 pedestrian, 11 passengers and 3 vehicle drivers suffered personal injury in 29 collisions that took place  at the intersection of East 174 street and Webster Ave between August 2011 and February 2014. As shown in the Heat map this intersection is very dangerous.

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10 pedestrians died and 1220 suffered personal injury  in traffic accidents last December bringing the total number of pedestrian deaths to 135  in 2014 compared to 168 in 2013 and 130 in 2014 according to car crashes data recently released by the NYPD.  The total number of pedestrians injured in vehicle accidents for 2014 was 11,000 compared to 11,978 the previous year, a decline of 8%. While pedestrian deaths are back around the level of 2012,  deaths as a result of a bicycle accident increased by 73% with 19 fatal bicycle accidents in 2014 compared to 11 in 2013. The number of people injured in a bicycle accident decreased by 2% with 3960 cyclists injured in 2014 compared to 4043 in 2014.

Globally New York City roads were less dangerous in 2014 than in 2013 with a total of 250 people dying in crashes in 2014 compared to 286 in 2013 – a decline of 12% – and 50,896 road users suffering personal injury in 2014 compared to 54,818 in 2013 – a decline of 7%.

new york traffic accident deaths 2013 2014new york traffic accident personal injuries 2013 2014
Even though pedestrian deaths and injuries decreased in 2014, the number of pedestrians suffering personal injury in a vehicle accident was above 1200 in December, the highest monthly number for the last two years. Monthly pedestrian deaths never went over 15 in 2014, an improvement compared to 2013, a year during which the monthly number of deaths jumped to 25 in November and 20 in January.

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A woman in her 2o’s was crossing the street at the intersection of 76th Street and Woodisde in Queens, New York City, on Sunday night when she was struck and killed by  the driver of a box truck. The driver of the truck hit the victim as he was turning onto Woodside Avenue but he didn’t stop. He drove away leaving the woman to die in the street. A witness at the scene followed the box truck for a few blocks, stopped the driver and managed to hold him until the police arrived. The police arrested the driver, 27 year old Valentine Gonzalez and  charged him with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death and driving without a license. Earlier in the day in Queens another woman was struck by a hit and run driver (see previous post)

Read more on ABC7 website

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A 63 year old woman suffered serious personal injury after she was hit by a hit and run driver who is still at large. The accident happened Sunday morning at 89th Avenue and 120th street in Queens, NYC.  The driver hit the pedestrian at 89th Avenue and 120th Street in Queens, and sped off on 89th Ave. The police are still looking for the  driver and have released the below video. The vehicle is a dark gray Nissan Pathfinder. The victim was taken to the hospital where she is in serious condition.


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14640732899_99d7bf1992_n.jpg “Pedestrians vs. Cars: Manhattan’s Deadly Traffic Problem and What Can Be Done About It” was the subject of a discussion led two days ago by DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson, councilmember Helen Rosenthal, Dana Lerner, and members of the NYPD at the New York Society for Ethical Culture. During the dicsussion Jill Abramson noted that most of the time when a driver kills a pedestrian, nothing happens, not even a ticket. The discussion also covered subjects such as grievance for families who have lost a loved one in traffic accidents, recent traffic accidents data and speed cameras.

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Picture: Right of Way

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Guler%20Ugur-Yaacobi.jpg28 year old Prezidor Porbeni surrendered and admitted that he fled the police after he fatally hit a woman with his SUV in Harlem, NYC, on New Year’s eve.

The victim, 44 year old photographer Guler Ugur-Yaacobi (see picture), was hit by the SUV near the intersection of W.113th St and Amsterdam Ave at the beginning of the evening on December 31st. The impact was so strong that witnesses said the woman was sent 80 feet down Amsterdam. She was pronounced dead when she arrived at the hospital.

Porbeni turned himself in after the police released surveillance video and asked the public to help them find Porbeni’s 2006 Land Rover. He was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death and driving with a suspended license.

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Speed_Limit_25_sign.pngA major step in Vision Zero plan to reduce the number of injury and death related to traffic accidents in New York City has been achieved this week. Albany just granted Bill deBlasio the authority to reduce the maximum speed limit from 30 mph to 25mph in all 5 boroughs of New York City.

Read more in Mobilizing the region, the blog from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign

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After several pedestrians died in traffic accidents on the Upper West Side in NYC, the cops have been cracking down on jaywalkers in sensitive areas such as W. 96th street and Broadway (picture). Earlier this year cops in the neighborhood were instructed to give tickets that could go up to $150 to pedestrians caught jaywalking. The cops went after the pedestrians in such an aggressive way that they ended up knocking down and roughing up an 84 year old man who tried to walk away when the cops were issuing him a ticket. The old man hired a personal injury lawyer who is now suing the city for $5 million.

Last week NYPD Commissioner Bratton told cops to use discretion with the elderly and handicapped and Marion Larin the Captain of the UWS 24th precinct replaced the ticket blitz by an information blitz campaign during which officers will teach jaywalkers to follow the law in order to protect themselves from dangerous traffic accidents.

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