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accident sceneA young couple died and 5 other people suffered serious injury in a car accident involving 5 vehicles early Thursday morning in New York City.  So far the investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly caused the five-car chain reaction crash.

The accident occurred between 1:00 am and 2:00 am  on the Nassau Expressway in Inwood.  The massive collision left debris of car parts, oil and gasoline over 800 feet on the highway. According to the police one of the cars’engines went out of the vehicle.

The young couple was identified by the police as 21-year-old Yisroel Levin, of Brooklyn, and 20-year-old Elisheva Basya Kaplan, of Far Rockaway.  They got trapped in their car as it burst on fire. The two of them got engaged last week and were set to be married over the summer.

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accident scene34 year old Jonatan Segura was drunk and speeding the night he killed one pedestrian and injured another in a car accident in New York last January. Segura plead guilty to manslaughter, two counts of assault, homicide, leaving the scene, and drunk driving as well as misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident. He is facing 4 to 12 years in prison.

On January 30th around 4:00 am, Segura was driving on 181st Street near Amsterdam Avenue when he lost control of his BMW sedan. He was drunk and he was speeding. He hit a pick-up truck and two pedestrians. One of them, Encarnation died form his injury at the hospital, the other one, a 46 year old woman was seriously injured.

Segura fled the scene of the accident on foot leaving behind him two seriously injured people and his car completely destroyed by the high speed impact.

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A pedestrian was hit by a SUV last night on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The accident occurred around 9:10 p.m.  A 37 year old woman was crossing the intersection of E. 86th Street and York Ave. According to the police, she was 10 feet away from the crosswalk when a SUV hit her.  The pedestrian suffered leg and head trauma. A witness reported that she was bleeding extensively. She was transported to the hospital in critical condition but she is expected to survive.  The driver, a 56 year old man stayed at the scene of the accident. Read more in the NY Daily News

The winter months are usually the most dangerous months for pedestrians. Since last October more than 1,000 pedestrians were injured every month in motor vehicle accidents in New York City. According to the most recent statistics released by the NYPD, the number of pedestrians injured in car accidents in NYC last January was 1,083. This is the highest number of pedestrian injuries for a month of January since Vision Zero started in 2014. Before Vision Zero started, there were 1,107 pedestrians injured in January 2013.

Pedestrians injured in a vehicle accident in NYC by month with trendline and 3-month moving average

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Rubinowitz-Ben-B_12d7428b-27a7-4195-bebc-7788dce43088photo__2573607_christopher_donadioOur NY personal injury law firm is proud to announce that our attorneys Ben. B. Rubinowitz and Christopher J. Donadio obtained a $5 million settlement during trial involving a pedestrian injured in a van accident that occurred in Manhattan.

The case involved a New York City Department of Transportation van that struck and ran over the plaintiff on February 15, 2013 at the intersection of 6th Avenue and 31st Street in Manhattan.  The plaintiff, Hui Sang Park, was a college student on her way to class when she was hit by the van within the crosswalk. Following the collision, the driver of the van, city employee Richard Brooms, admitted to police officers at the scene that he never saw Ms. Park before he struck her and that he had no idea where she came from.

Ms. Park was taken from the scene by ambulance to New York Presbyterian Hospital. At the hospital, she was diagnosed with severe injuries including a comminuted open fracture of the tibia and fibula, a tibial plateau fracture, pelvic fractures, a sacral fracture, a right wrist fracture and a fracture to her shoulder. In addition to her fractures, while in the hospital, Ms. Park developed compartment syndrome in her lower leg, requiring an emergency fasciotomy. In addition to the fasciotomy, Ms. Park underwent multiple surgeries, which required the insertion of hardware in her leg, knee, pelvis and wrist.

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methShaun Martin was high on PCP and Meth when he crashed his car into a New York grocery store and killed the florist standing outside. Two other workers were also injured in the crash. He was convicted of murder last July (see previous blog). On Friday, the 35 year old man appeared in front of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Melissa Jackson. He was sentenced to 20 years to life.

In 2013 Shaun Martin was drunk and high on Meth and PCP when he decided to drive his car in the East Village. He jumped the curb at more than 90 mph and crashed into the flower stand of a grocery store located on Second Ave and E. 4th Street. 62 year old Mohammed Akkas Ali died in the car accident. He was the florist at the grocery store. He was about to finish his shift when the accident occured.  Read more in the NY Daily News

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accident sceneA livery car crashed into scaffolding and injured several people including a child. ABC7 reported that the crash occurred Saturday night around 9:45 pm in Harlem, New York. Very few details were provided as to what caused the crash and who were the victims. Pictures however show that the impact was strong as it destroyed the scaffolding.

Less than 24 hours earlier in Harlem, a pedestrian was seriously injured by a hit and run driver. The 32 year old man was visiting from Syracuse. The man was crossing Broadway near 125th street when he was struck by a car. The car must have hit the pedestrian at high speed as its bumper fell off after the crash. Despite a man on the ground and part of his car missing, the driver sped off and disappeared into the night. The police are still looking for him. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital. He suffered face injuries and a fractured left elbow according to the NY Daily News.

In Brooklyn, two people were injured in a crash involving a police car. The crash took place Monday afternoon in Park Slope according to the NY Daily News .

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6th ave between 53rd and 54th streetA man died in a car accident in New York and another one was injured in the same accident. The two men in their thirties  were riding in the same car this morning around 4:30 am in Midtown Manhattan when the accident happened.  They were heading north on Sixth Ave between 53rd and 54th street when the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a fire hydrant. The impact was so strong that the driver died. The passenger survived the accident. He suffered serious injury but was listed in stable condition. A witness told CBS New York that the car was speeding just before the accident.

Read more in the NY Daily News

Picture: courtesy of Google Map

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3 year old Mariam Dansoko was killed in a car accident in New York at the beginning of the week. Mariam was crossing the street with her mom who was pushing her brother in a stroller. All 3 pedestrians were in the crosswalk when a car made a left turn and fatally hit the little girl who was right behind her mom. According to Streetblog, despite evidence that the driver didn’t yield the right of way, he hasn’t been charged yet. The accident occurred in the Bronx. The car was travelling on Gerard Avenue and made a left turn onto E. 164th Street when it struck the toddler. According to witnesses the driver of the car was going too fast.

Read more in Streetblog

Picture, courtesy of Goggle Map, shows where the car was turning from and the location of the accident

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car accident ManhattanSeveral pedestrians were injured in a car accident in New York yesterday.  The  chain reaction crash took place on Broadway between 61st street  and 62nd Street yesterday afternoon. The driver of a black Honda Sedan intentionally hit a yellow cab twice from behind. The yellow cab careened onto the sidewalk, hitting a halal food cart which fell into a Con Edison truck that was parked next to it. A female pedestrian was trapped under the food cart and was severely injured. According to the NY Daily News she almost lost an arm and is now in critical condition. 3 other pedestrians were sent by ambulance to the hospital. The vendor who was inside the food truck was also injured. The cab driver suffered minor injuries and the two passengers were fine. The police are still looking for the driver of the black Sedan which may have been a stolen car.

Picture: courtesy of Alex Silverman on Twitter

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In New York City there are around 3,500 motor vehicle accidents related to distracted driving every month. It is the main cause of accidents in the city. Many New York drivers consider their cars like a second office and handle all kinds of businesses that require using their phone while they are behind the wheel. Despite multiple campaigns to try to convince drivers not to text and drive, a recent At&T survey indicates that Americans continue to illegally use their mobile phone while they are driving. They are not only texting but they are also engaging  in social media, surfing the web and even having video chats.

The increase in car accidents related to texting and driving can be somewhat compared to the drinking and driving crisis in the 80ies. Several road safety advocates who have previously been involved in campaigns to reduce the number of accidents related to drunk driving are now working on campaigns to reduce distracted driving.  These advocates believe that distracted driving so far hasn’t been treated as seriously as drunk driving and that more needs to be done including at the legislative level.

In New York, lawmakers are considering introducing a textalyser.  Just like the breathalyzer is able to check alcohol blood level, the textalyser is be able to check if the driver was texting behind the wheel. According to lawmakers the textalyzer does not access private data but only checks if the driver was using the phone to text, email or do anything else illegal under New York’s hands free driving laws.