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accident scene34 year old Jonatan Segura was drunk and speeding the night he killed one pedestrian and injured another in a car accident in New York last January. Segura plead guilty to manslaughter, two counts of assault, homicide, leaving the scene, and drunk driving as well as misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident. He is facing 4 to 12 years in prison.

On January 30th around 4:00 am, Segura was driving on 181st Street near Amsterdam Avenue when he lost control of his BMW sedan. He was drunk and he was speeding. He hit a pick-up truck and two pedestrians. One of them, Encarnation died form his injury at the hospital, the other one, a 46 year old woman was seriously injured.

Segura fled the scene of the accident on foot leaving behind him two seriously injured people and his car completely destroyed by the high speed impact.

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NYPD logoGiovanni Nin died in a bicycle accident in NYC last June in the Bronx, NYC. The driver who hit him fled the scene of the accident. 11 months later the police arrested him. On June 11 2016, Giovanni was heading for a nap at his girlfriend’s between two shifts at Fedex.  It was around midnight. As he was riding his bike on East Tremont Avenue he was hit by a BMW SUV. The driver left him dying on the street. The police identified the car but the car owner, 44 year old Victor Pelaez declared his car stolen. He told the police he wasn’t behind the wheel during the accident. However cell phone records showed that Pelaez was near the scene of the accident when it occurred. Pelaez was also seen by an NYPD detective driving the supposedly stolen car on August 10. He was arrested last week and charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. Read more in the Gothamist

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accident sceneA man who crashed his car in NYC disappeared from the accident scene leaving behind his brother who was critically injured. 21 year old Aidan Cammacho was speeding on Atlantic Ave in Queens, NYC, this morning around 4:15 am  when he lost control of his vehicle. His brother, Angel Camacho from Pennsylvania was in the passenger seat when the accident happened. He was seriously injured after Aidan jumped the curb and crashed his car against a parked car and a tree. The impact was so violent that the front of the car was completely destroyed. While his brother was stuck in the car almost dying, Aidan Camacho hailed a passing car who gave him a ride to Interfaith Medical Center. When the police arrived at the medical center he had already taken off.  His brother was extricated from the car by the EMS and transported to the hospital. The police are still looking for Aidan.

Read more in the NY Daily News

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accident sceneA livery car crashed into scaffolding and injured several people including a child. ABC7 reported that the crash occurred Saturday night around 9:45 pm in Harlem, New York. Very few details were provided as to what caused the crash and who were the victims. Pictures however show that the impact was strong as it destroyed the scaffolding.

Less than 24 hours earlier in Harlem, a pedestrian was seriously injured by a hit and run driver. The 32 year old man was visiting from Syracuse. The man was crossing Broadway near 125th street when he was struck by a car. The car must have hit the pedestrian at high speed as its bumper fell off after the crash. Despite a man on the ground and part of his car missing, the driver sped off and disappeared into the night. The police are still looking for him. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital. He suffered face injuries and a fractured left elbow according to the NY Daily News.

In Brooklyn, two people were injured in a crash involving a police car. The crash took place Monday afternoon in Park Slope according to the NY Daily News .

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The reckless driver of a BMW who killed a mother and severely injured her daughter in a car accident in New York City and ran away has been arrested by the police. Last Sunday 58 year old Jairam Budhu was driving  his BMW with a suspended license at twice the authorized speed limit when he blew a right light and crashed into another car killing a mother and critically injuring her daughter. He then fled the scene of the accident on foot leaving in his car a passenger who was also injured. He was found by the police while having a drink on his porch at 8:00 am on Sunday morning. He was arrested and charged with manslaughter, assault, criminally negligent homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and unlicensed operation of a car. Read more in the NY Daily News

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A pedestrian died in NYC after being struck by a car that drove over him and didn’t stop. Sunday morning around 2:30 am, 43 year old Doodnach Lalcahn started to cross the intersection of 115th Ave and 131st Street in Ozone Park Queens, NYC, when he fell on the ground. A video surveillance shows a car driving over him, slowing down and then continuing on its way. Other vehicles drove by without stopping . Finally a good Samaritan parked his car in front of the victim to prevent other cars from hitting him. Unfortunately it was too late. The man who suffered severe head trauma died at the scene of the accident.

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car van crashA speeding driver blew a stop sign and crashed into a van with six passengers after which he ran by foot from the scene last Friday night in NYC. The car crash took place at the intersection of Shore Ave and Princeton Street, in Jamaica, Queens, NYC around 11:00 pm. 6 church goers were coming back from a service in a van when a rental car crashed into them. The impact was so strong that the van flipped upside down. The police believe the driver stole the rental car on a nearby  street shortly before the accident. The passengers of the van were a pastor and his pregnant wife, their 3 month and three year old children, another family member and a teenager.   Thankfully the 6 of them only suffered minor injuries. The police are still looking for the hit and run driver.

Read more on the New York CBS Local website

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Will SmithA surveillance video shows that Will Smith initially hit the car of  the man who then murdered him in an act of road rage. The surveillance shows Smith’s car bumping into a Hummer. While the hummer’s driver, identified as Cardell Hayes, pulled to the right side of the road, Smith just drove around it and continued on his way. Hayes became enraged that Smith didn’t stop and started to pursue Smith with his Hummer.  Hayes then caught up with Smith’s car and rear ended him, sending Smith’s car crashing into a third vehicle. As Smith stepped out of his vehicle words were exchanged before gunfire erupted. The former Saints player died of multiple gunshots, allegedly fired by Hayes. His wife only suffered personal injury as she was struck twice in the leg. Another senseless act which illustrates the consequences of carrying a gun by people who are not mentally stable.

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Fatal pedestrian accident location

No pedestrian crossing at this intersection Picture: courtesy of Google map

A 45 year old man was fatally struck by a negligent driver who didn’t stop after he hit the victim. The car accident happened on 21st Street and 30th Road in Queens, NYC, yesterday around 11:00 pm. The man was transported to the hospital but he couldn’t be saved. The car that hit the pedestrian is believed to be a red Toyota. The police are looking for surveillance footage. The intersection is very dangerous because there is no pedestrian crossing even though it is located in a very busy area of Astoria. According to residents speeding is frequent.

Another accident happened a little bit later in the Bronx. A pedestrian suffered serious personal injury as he was trying to cross the Major Deegan Expressway near 138th in Port Morris shortly after 4:00 am. The victim was transported to the hospital while according to the NY Daily News a car was spotted at the scene of the accident with a smashed windshield and hood.

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Yellow_cabA taxi driver fatally ran over a woman who was lying on a New York City street and didn’t stop. At his arraignment he said he thought he hit a pothole, not a human being.

Saturday morning around 3:30 am, 68 year old John Bangura was driving his yellow cab on First Ave near 17th Street in Stuyvesant Town, Manhattan. For some unexplained reason, 44 year old Kenya Flores was laying on the ground when the taxi ran over her and dragged her briefly on First Ave. Before laying in the path of the taxi, Flores had laid down in a bus path.

According to the NY Daily News, witnesses saw the taxi trying to drive around a car who had stopped in front of him when he hit the woman.  He dragged her down the street and sped away.  Flores was taken to the hospital where she later died.