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NYC transit servicesSubway accidents and bus accidents in NYC are difficult to avoid.  As millions of people are using the subways and buses in NYC every year, accidents happen. People are getting hurt, sometimes badly. Sometimes they die. Some accidents are caused by the negligence of the MTA New York City Transit. Over the last 5 years, the agency settled or adjudicated 4,592 negligence cases for a total of $431 million.  88 cases were settled for more than $1 million. A case was settled last year for $9 million. The victim was 19 year old Ali Muir, a pre-med student. Muir tripped in a hole on a subway platform. He fell on the tracks and was hit by a subway.Both of Muir’s  legs were amputated from the knees.  It took 6 years for his case to settle. Many NYC subway platforms have unfixed hazards that can cause dangerous slip and falls.

Any personal injury lawyer in the city knows that NYC transit cases are not easy cases. 49 tort attorneys are working full time for the agency, aggressively fighting every case. The agency is taking the time it needs to fight cases  because it only has to pay a 3% post judgment interest rate. Other agencies and litigants have to pay a   9% post  judgment interest rate on the money awarded at trial to victims. The 3% interest rate is an incentive for the NYC transit to take the time it needs post judgment to take lengthy Appeals of adverse judgments in cases.

Cases take so long to be settled that sometimes victims have to borrow money to pay for their medical bills or for their living. This  happened to 36 year old Pilar Ortiz. She suffered serious leg injuries after being struck by a MTA Bus while riding her bicycle. Ortiz had to undergo 20- surgeries to save her legs.  She was represented by two of our attorneys: Ben Rubinowitz and Peter Saghir. Rubinowitz and Saghir successfully fought the NYC transit agency who was blaming the victim for the accident. The case went to trial. Rubinowitz and Saghir were able to prove to the jury that MTA investigators were lying. Ortiz won the case after a 6 year battle.

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18 people suffered personal injury in a bus accident in New York. Yesterday afternoon a collision between 3 vehicles including a bus occurred on the FDR near the Brooklyn Bridge. According to the NY Daily News, the bus was transporting several disabled people. The 18 people injured in the crash were dispatched to various hospitals.

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Channel Drive and Beach 67 streetA 5 year old boy suffered personal injury after the car he was riding rear ended an  MTA Bus in New York City. The accident occurred last Thursday afternoon in Queens. The car slammed into a MTA bus that was parked at a stop on Beach Channel Drive near Beach 67 Street.  The impact projected the boy out of his seat. He suffered critical head and neck injury. He was rushed to the hospital. Another passenger in the car was also transported to the hospital in serious condition according to the NY Daily News 

Picture: the intersection of Beach Channel Drive and Beach 67 Street couertesy of Google Map

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Go New York Tours Bus13 people were injured in a bus accident in New York this afternoon. The bus was a double decker operated by Go New York Tours. The bus was heading South on Fifth Ave near 63rd Street when it crashed into a tree. The bus driver told the police that he swerved to avoid a cab who cut  in front of him. However a witness who was crossing the street at the time of the accident told the NY Daily News that it wasn’t true. He explained that the bus was driving too fast and that he jumped the curb to avoid a city bus that had stopped in front of him to pick up passengers. According to the same witness, the driver never hit the brakes and went straight into the tree. The impact was so violent that  it sounded like an explosion.  Among the injured, a couple of tourists in their 70’s suffered serious head injuries.  11 other people were also injured and transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Go New York Tour is a company operating 22 “hop and off”double deckers buses with 40 drivers. The company has a terrible reputation in New York City. It was investigated by the Consumer Affairs department in 2014 for ripping off tourists, having ill-informed guides and bus drivers as well as employees behaving in an extremely rude and profane manner.

The Consumer Affairs department conducted multiple inspections of the Bus Tour operator which according to ABC News has been slapped with 18 violations including one driver without a commercial driver’s license. 3 of the 22 buses failed to pass federal inspection and one of the buses was also involved in an accident with a car last March in Queens. It is a shame that the city of New York still allow this company to operate.

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fdny14 people suffered personal injury after a fire truck struck a MTA bus in NYC.  The accident occurred Sunday in Astoria, Queens, NYC at the corner of Ditmars Blvd and 21st Street. A little bit after noon the fire truck  was heading down Ditmars Boulevard to respond to a blaze nearby. Sirens and emergency lights were on.  According to the NY Daily News, the truck passed a red light and  collided with the bus that had the green light and was crossing on 21st St.  Witnesses  said the crash sounded like a bomb.  The impact was so strong that the bus careened into two other parked cars and jumped the curb  before finally stopping two steps away from people sitting at an outdoor cafe. 12 bus passengers were injured and transported to the hospital.  Two firefighters were injured as well and also transported to the hospital.

Later on during the day  another fire truck collided with a car two blocks away.  One person suffered minor injury. The fire truck  also had emergency lights on when the accident happened.

Last year there were 382 fire truck accidents in NYC.

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schoolbus11 people were injured in a bus accident last Tuesday in Queens, NYC. The school bus was transporting several students and a matron. The bus was driving on 167th Ave near 73rd Street in Fresh Meadows when it collided with a car. After the impact, the bus careened off the road and crashed into a light pole. 11 people were injured and transported to nearby hospitals to be treated.  Most people involved in the crash suffered minor injuries except for two people who suffered serious injuries. The bus was operated by Lorinda Enterprises which belongs to the Logan Bus Company.

Read more in the NY Daily News

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A female pedestrian was critically injured after being hit by a school bus in New York City. The bus accident happened Monday morning around 9:20 am in Queens. The 32 year old woman was crossing Grand Ave near 74th street when she was struck by a yellow school bus. No children were on board. The woman suffered head trauma and a broken shoulder. She was transported to the hospital where she was listed in critical condition.  There is no cross walk at the intersection of 74th Street and Grand Ave, making it a dangerous intersection for pedestrians.

pedestrian accident location

picture source: Google Map


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Sunny MaritimeAt least 20 passengers suffered personal injury in a bus accident  in Upstate NY yesterday. The bus was operated by W&D Tour a Brooklyn based bus operator. It was transporting SUNY Maritime students from the Bronx, NYC. They were heading back to New York City after attending a conference  at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse. Slippery road conditions due to earlier snow may have been a factor in the accident. The bus accident happened in the morning around 10:45 am on Route 28N  in Minerav, in the Adirondack Mountains, NY. The bus fell off the side of the road and landed upside down in the woods. 20 people suffered non life threatening injuries. Read more in the NY Daily News

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February showed an increase in pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents in NYC while bus accidents and truck accidents were lower than the previous years during the same month. Was the usually warm weather a contributing factor or is Vision Zero  not really working?

After two years of decrease, the monthly number of pedestrians injured in NYC crashes in February is back to the level where it was 3 years ago. Last month 980 pedestrians were injured in traffic accidents in the city compared to 735 in February 2015, 820 in February 2014 and 983 in February 2013.  11 pedestrians died in motor vehicle accidents in NYC last month. The same number of people died the previous month and in February 2015. After Zero Vision was launched in 2014, the number of pedestrians killed in the month of February initially decreased from 13 to 8 between February 2013 and February 2014 and went back up above 10 for the last two years.

Even though the trend is still showing a decline of pedestrians injuries since the beginning of 2013, the 3-month moving average is back around 1,000 while for the same period last year it was around 900. A similar observation can be made for the 3-month moving average of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents. While the moving average was below or at the level of the trend line in February 2015 and 2014 it is now back above the level of the trend line in February 2016.

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9 people suffered personal injury in a New York bus accident. 2 of them are seriously injured and are still being treated at the hospital.

The accident happened yesterday afternoon a little after 4:00 pm.  The QM11 bus, a MTA express bus, was on its way to Queens.  As it was passing under the FDR overpass at 33rd Street, the driver reached for his bottle of water.  He lost control of the bus and hit a pillar of the overpass. 6 people suffered minor injuries, 3 passengers were transported to the hospital, 2 with serious injury. The driver was also transported to the hospital. He suffered chest pain. Read more in the NY Daily News

Eating and drinking can cause accidents. In New York City between 0 and 6 accidents every month are being caused by eating and drinking behind the wheel.