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daLeft turn accidents in New York City kill or severely injure pedestrians and bicyclists 3 times more than right turns. These findings are part of a study focusing on left turn crashes that was recently released by the NYC DOT.  As part of Vision Zero, the DOT carefully analyzed 1,105 crash reports over a period of 5 years.

The most dangerous intersections for left turns are those when a vehicle is turning left from a one lane and one way street onto a two way and two lane street wider than 60 feet. When a driver makes a left turn in this type of intersection, his visibility of pedestrians is limited. Additionally, the driver often pressured by traffic behind him, has to find gaps between the incoming traffic and the pedestrians crossing.

The study also found that victims of left turn accidents are mostly pedestrians with a median age of 67. They are most commonly hit by cars, vans or pickup trucks.

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accident locationA 39 year old old man suffered critical injury after he was hit by car in the Bronx, NYC. The accident occurred Saturday night around 3:00 am on East Tremont Ave near Waterbury Ave. The driver of the car, a 28 year old man, remained at the scene of the accident. He was later taken into custody by the police after he was given a breathalyzer test.

East Tremont Ave between Williamsbridge Road and Bruckner Boulevard is one the most dangerous corridors in New York City. According to the NYC Department of Transportation, hundreds of people were injured in car accidents on this specific segment between 2009 and 2013. Among them, 21 people were severely injured or died. Speeding is a major issue in this wide corridor  with undefined moving and parking lanes. Crosswalks are mostly very long diagonals or are simply lacking, making it difficult for pedestrians to cross safely.

In 2015, as part of  the Vision Zero Initiative, the DOT proposed to the Community Board to re-engineer East Tremont Ave to make it safer (see DOT proposal here). The proposal included a reduction from 4 to 2 traffic lines with a center turn lane as well as the construction of pedestrian islands.  The proposal which didn’t include any bike lanes was turned down by the community board. However after a bicyclist died on this segment last June, the DOT by-passed the community board decision and confirmed it would implement the safety measures. (see more in Streetsblog).

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In a previous blog, we wrote about  a bill that would extend NYC pedestrians’ right of way when the countdown clock is in progress at a crosswalk or when the signal is flashing.  This bill was unanimously passed by the City Council on Wednesday.  It was backed by the DOT and by The NYPD  and is expected to be enacted by the mayor as soon as possible.

With the enactment of this new bill, the NYPD and District Attorneys will have no more excuses for not bringing cases against drivers who strike pedestrians while they are in the crosswalk. According to Streetblog, in the past, many cases were not pursued because Section 4-03 of the Traffic Rules of the City of New York stated that “no pedestrian shall enter or cross the roadway” during the flashing “Don’t Walk” phase”.

The new bill intro-997, amends this section of the Rules of the City of New York and establishes the right of way for pedestrians “when a steady walking person, flashing upraised hand, or flashing upraised hand with a countdown clock is displayed on a pedestrian control signal”.

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New York City has one of the highest rates of traffic fatalities and serious injury in America and in the World. When looking at deaths only, NYC has a lower rate of traffic fatalities than its American peer cities. However when compared to other international cities such as Hong Kong, London or Stockholm, New York is still lagging behind.

traffic fatalities and injuries rates for selected cities
It is time for New York to improve these numbers! The NYC Department of Transportation just released its Strategic Plan 2016. A lot of focus is being directed to traffic safety and protection of bicyclists and pedestrians but is it enough?

Vision Zero continues to be the main program in terms of safety. The goals of the strategic plan 2016 is to integrate the program across all agencies and to improve data and analytics  related to Vision Zero objectives.  Street engineering is planned to continue in every boroughs, on high crash arterial roads and on roads to schools or near senior centers. The campaigns of awareness and education will continue. Among the new initiatives, the DOT will focus on evaluating left turn safety plans and implement recommendations from a previous study on bicycle fatalities and injuries. The DOT will also try to expand the speed camera enforcement which has proven to be very successful. The DOT will also push for mandatory seatbelt use, tougher regulation for drugs while driving, better data sharing with The NYPD in regards to crashes and work on new technologies to reduce crashes.

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crosswalkA new bill may offer better legal protection to pedestrians who are struck by motor vehicles while in the crosswalk. The bill which is supposed to be passed by the City Council this morning will close a loophole in the “Right of Way” law. Introduced by public advocate Letitia James, the bill will give the right of way to pedestrians who  are in a crosswalk when the countdown clock is in progress or when the signal is flashing.

So far the law only gives the right of way to pedestrians during the walk symbol. This loophole occurred because the countdown timers were installed in New York after the law was passed. Therefore drivers who are striking pedestrians during that specific time are not necessarily liable. Hopefully the City Council will correct this dangerous situation Today.

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Car accidents are the leading cause of death among children below 13 years old in New York City.  On average two third’s of the children who die in car accidents in New York are pedestrians. While most often fatal accidents are the result of reckless driving, it is also important to educate children about the dangers of the streets.

As part of the Vision Zero program, employees from the New York City Department of Transportation are now visiting schools to educate NYC children about potential dangers encountered when crossing the street. The highlight of this school campaign is a Hip Hop video which the DOT hopes may catch the attention of the children.

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accident sceneA 15 year old boy was critically injured in a motorcycle accident in New York City. The accident occurred in Flatbush, Brooklyn, yesterday around 4:30 pm. The 15 year old boy was crossing East 43rd Street near Church Ave with a group of friends when he was hit by a motorcycle. According to witnesses the motorcyclist struck the boy at a high speed. The teenager was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The biker suffered minor injuries and was also transported to the hospital.

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accident sceneAn elderly pedestrian was fatally struck by a car in New York City last week. 89 year old Wai Lee was crossing Quentin Road near Coney Island Ave in Brooklyn, NYC when she was struck by a car. The driver, an 81 year old man was trying to park when he hit the victim. The NY Daily News reported that the man was trying to park when he put the car in drive by mistake. He then accelerated and hit the victim. The woman was transported to the hospital in critical condition. She later died there from her injuries.

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pedestrian struck by carA 65 year old pedestrian died in a NYC accident yesterday night. The victim was crossing Bronxdale Ave in Morris Park, Bronx, when he was hit by a van. The van was a light color. The driver was travelling west. The impact was so strong that the pedestrian flew in the air, and landed on another car. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. He later died from his injuries. The driver of the van fled the scene of the accident. Over three days, 3 pedestrian died in traffic accidents in New York City. Two days ago a pedestrian died after being struck by an ambulance in Manhattan. Three days ago a woman died after being hit by a drunk driver in Queens.

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A pedestrian suffered critical injury after being hit by a car in New York City. The 67 year old man was crossing 43rd Street near Fort Hamilton Parkway in Borough Park, Brooklyn, when a driver suddenly backed into him.  It is unclear why the 44 year old driver started to drive in reverse. The police told the NY Daily News he didn’t have a license. The police was also tested him to determine if he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. The pedestrian was transported to the hospital in critical condition.