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A pedestrian died after being hit by a car in NYC.  The accident happened early Monday morning a little bit before 1:00 am. The 22 year old man had just stolen beers at a Bodega in the Bronx and  was running across Bruckner Boulevard near 149th street. He was struck by a SUV driving west on the boulevard. The pedestrian was found unconscious at the scene of the accident. He was transported to the hospital where he was declared dead. The police are still investigating the exact cause of the accident.

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3 year old Mariam Dansoko was killed in a car accident in New York at the beginning of the week. Mariam was crossing the street with her mom who was pushing her brother in a stroller. All 3 pedestrians were in the crosswalk when a car made a left turn and fatally hit the little girl who was right behind her mom. According to Streetblog, despite evidence that the driver didn’t yield the right of way, he hasn’t been charged yet. The accident occurred in the Bronx. The car was travelling on Gerard Avenue and made a left turn onto E. 164th Street when it struck the toddler. According to witnesses the driver of the car was going too fast.

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Picture, courtesy of Goggle Map, shows where the car was turning from and the location of the accident

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A young pedestrian was struck by a car in New York City last week. The accident happened at the dangerous intersection of E. 165th St. and The Grand Concourse in the Bronx. The 11 year old boy was crossing the Grand Concourse when he was struck by a car driving South on E. 165th Street. The boy was critically injured during the accident. (read more in the NY Daily News)

E. 165th Street between Jerome Ave and Melrose Ave was flagged by Vision Zero  for a safer street redesign. Between 2009 and 2013, two pedestrians died, 37 were injured (including 5 severely) and 6 bicyclists were injured in traffic accidents at this specific part of the street.  The two fatalities occurred at the intersection of E. 165th St. and The Grand Concourse where the 11 year old boy was critically injured last week.

According to Vision Zero statistics, 50% of the pedestrian accidents on E 165th street are caused by drivers failing to yield and 28% of all motor vehicle crashes on this street took place while a driver was making a left turn.

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Fatal pedestrian accident location

No pedestrian crossing at this intersection Picture: courtesy of Google map

A 45 year old man was fatally struck by a negligent driver who didn’t stop after he hit the victim. The car accident happened on 21st Street and 30th Road in Queens, NYC, yesterday around 11:00 pm. The man was transported to the hospital but he couldn’t be saved. The car that hit the pedestrian is believed to be a red Toyota. The police are looking for surveillance footage. The intersection is very dangerous because there is no pedestrian crossing even though it is located in a very busy area of Astoria. According to residents speeding is frequent.

Another accident happened a little bit later in the Bronx. A pedestrian suffered serious personal injury as he was trying to cross the Major Deegan Expressway near 138th in Port Morris shortly after 4:00 am. The victim was transported to the hospital while according to the NY Daily News a car was spotted at the scene of the accident with a smashed windshield and hood.

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A pedestrian was fatally hit by a car in Manhattan on Friday.  The pedestrian was a 76 year old woman who was trying to cross Madison Avenue near 95th street. The car driver was heading north on Madison Avenue when he noticed a parking spot. As he attempted to back his car into it, he struck the pedestrian identified as Mary Jo Myselow. The woman suffered head injury but was conscious when she was found by a police officer lying on the ground. The driver stayed at the scene of the accident. Mary Jo Myselow died from her injuries at the hospital. Read more in the Gothamist

Two days earlier five pedestrians were injured in the Bronx after a driver lost control of his vehicle. The 26 year old driver had a suspended licensed when he jumped the curb at E. Fordham Road and Thiebout Ave in Fordham Heights. He was taken into custody by the police. Read more in the NY Daily News


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A man was injured in a car accident in NYC this morning  after he lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a private house.  23 year old Shirley Lucas and her 2 year old daughter were inside their house located on Bruckner Boulevard near Thierot Avenue in Soundview, Bronx when the accident happened. The car first crashed through a metallic gate located at the entrance of the property and then hit the brick wall of the house.  According to the NY Daily News The mother and the daughter weren’t injured but had to stay out of the house while Con Edison and the DOB were analyzing the damages.

Another man crashed in a Bronx building on Saturday night. He died in the accident. According to witnesses the 37 year old man was speeding east on Allerton Ave in the Bronx when he lost control of his vehicle. He first hit two parked cars and then a light pole before crashing into a dry cleaner store located at the corner of Barnes Ave.  The driver was transported to the hospital but he didn’t survive. Read more in the NY Daily News

Below is a Google Map Street view of the location of the Saturday night accident.

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nypd chaseA 34 year old mother and her 2 year old daughter suffered personal injury in a car accident in the Bronx, NYC.  The accident was caused by a driver who was chased by the NYPD. The chase started after police officers saw a car speeding on on Nereid Ave in Woodlawn Heights. The driver of the car lost control of the vehicle near the Mount Vernon border and crashed into several parked cars on West 4th Street. The mother and her daughter were sitting in one of the cars when the crash happened. She and her daughter were injured and transported to the hospital. According to the NY Daily News, the mother suffered severe head trauma.

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3 pedestrians died and 3 others suffered personal injury in a car accident in New York City last Saturday during Halloween celebrations. 10 year old Nyanna Aquil and her 65 year old grandfather Louis Perez  as well as 24 year old Christian Leka died after 52 year old Howard Hunger lost control of his vehicle, jumped the curb  and slammed into trick-or-treaters walking along Morris Park Ave near Bogart Ave. According to the preliminary police investigation, the car driver appeared to have suffered a seizure while he was driving. As he was driving west on Morris Park Ave he struck a car in front of him twice before driving into oncoming traffic and jumping the curb. He is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

Louis Perez was walking with her granddaughter Nyanna and her two young sisters and Christian Leka in the company of her fiancee was holding his 9 year old sister’s hand when the car crashed into the two groups of trick-or-treaters.  Leka shoved her fiancee to the ground and pushed his sister away saving their lives. One of Nyanna sisters as well as Christian Leka’s sister and his fiancee were injured and hospitalized.

So far this year  13 pedestrians were killed by a car jumping a curb in New York City.

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A man suffered serious personal  injury after he was intentionally run over by a driver with whom he had an argument minutes before the hit and run on 155th street and Union Street in the Bronx, NYC. The man was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The police were looking for a black Ford Taurus with Pennsylvania plates seen driving away from the scene.

Less than two hours later a driver apparently distracted by the TV trucks at the scene of the previous accident struck a pregnant woman. The woman suffered leg injuries and was transported to the hospital. Her husband who with her when the accident happened had to be handcuffed by the police after he assaulted the driver.

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A female pedestrian was left injured on the road by a negligent driver who backed into her and took off.  The accident was caught on camera. The video shows that after the driver struck the victim, he stopped and got out of his car. However moments later he got back into his car and took off.  The accident happened on August 19th in front of Jackson Ave in Mott Haven. The police are looking for the hit and run driver.