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12 year old Ajene Pediford was on his way back from school when he managed to open the school bus emergency door and fell out of the bus. He was critically injured. The family said that the bus accident was preventable and that they had previously warned the school that the boy had a history of acting out, especially on buses.

Ajene Pediford is a special needs student at the Brooklyn Children’s Psychiatric Center. He was traveling back from the school to his foster family in the Bronx when the accident happened.

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Anna%20Maria%20Mostrom%20FB.jpg29 year old Anna Maria Mostrom, a Swedish model, was riding her bicycle on Main St., Roosevelt Island, NYC, when she was struck by a New York City bus making a left turn. The woman fell on the ground and sustained severe brain injuries. She was transported to the hospital where she already has undergone two surgeries. According to the NY Daily News, the young woman is brain dead and her prognosis is bleak.
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At least two passengers of an MTA bus were injured in a crash during which a MTA bus jumped the curb, crashed into a tree and ended its course near the canopy of a building entrance on Fifth Ave in Manhattan. The driver who apparently passed out behind the wheel was not injured but was taken to the hospital for observation. According to the NY Daily News the driver was diabetic but the test administered after the accident showed an acceptable blood-sugar level.

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A pedestrian who was walking in the crosswalk died after he was hit by a New York City Bus making a left turn at the intersection of E. 147th street and Willis Ave. in Mott Haven in the Bronx, NYC. The man who was in his sixties and using a cane was hit by the bus and pinned under it. He was dragged beneath the bus until the Third Ave intersection. The street light near the Southwest corner where the man was hit was not working resulting in poor lighting of the area. This factor may explain why the bus driver never saw the victim. The bus driver stayed at the scene and was not charged.

Read more in the NY Daily News and see video below.

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A pedestrian died in a tragic bus accident yesterday in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York. The woman had just stepped off the B44 bus when she dropped her cell phone. The phone fell under the bus and the woman reached under the bus to get it. The driver who didn’t see her drove away from the curb at the same time crushing the woman underneath the right rear wheels.
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11 people suffered non threatening personal injury after a car struck a school bus that was stopped at a red light at the intersection of Liberty Ave and 183rd Street in Jamaica, Queens, New York on Tuesday.

9 children and two adults were injured and transported to the hospital; two of them suffered serious personal injury.

This school bus accident is the second one since classes started again on September 4th. Last week nearly 30 children were injured when two school buses collided in the Bronx, NYC.

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A 55 year old woman was killed in a bus accident as she was crossing Astoria Boulevard last night around 10 pm. Melanie Ward exited the Q47 bus on 80th Street just before the intersection with Astoria Boulevard in Elmhurst. She then proceeded to cross Astoria Boulevard in the crossing lines. At the same time, the bus driver made a right turn on Astoria Blvd and hit the victim with the front wheel. Melanie Ward later died from her injuries at the hospital.

According to a Street Blog NYC article by Brad Aaron, the victim seemed to have the right of way and under the new Vision Zero Law (Intro 238) the bus driver should have been charged. However the police told the Gothamist that they could not say if Ward had the right of way and didn’t charge the driver.

Intro 238 makes it a misdemeanor for drivers to strike pedestrians or cyclists who have the right of way. The law has been effective since August 22nd. The police didn’t enforce it against a yellow cab driver who killed a pedestrian who had the right of way on August 29th on the Upper West Side and will probably not enforce it against the bus driver in this case.

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tour%20bus%20accident%20time%20square.jpgAt least 14 people suffered personal injury after the driver of a doudble-decker red Gray Line sightseeing bus sideswiped a parked double-decker City Sights bus and another vehicle before jumping the curb onto the sidewalk at 47th Street ad 7th Ave in Manhattan next to the TKTS discount ticket. The bus crash happened in the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday and sent a traffic light falling to the ground with debris flying all over the place in an area crowded with tourists. 3 people sustained serious injuries while all others were minor. The bus driver was initially arrested by the police and charged for driving while impaired but yesterday night the prosecutors delayed charges against him and released him from custody.

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A cyclist was seriously inured after he collided with a NY Waterway Bus that was crossing the Hudson River Greenway to go to the 39th Street ferry terminal this morning. The Hudson River Greenway is an 11 mile bike and pedestrian path along the Hudson River that stretches from Battery Park at the South of Manhattan to the Georges Washington Bridge at the North. Many New Yorkers use it to commute to work every day. Several busy driveways leading to various piers, parking and commercial operations cross the Greenway around 40th street making this area one of the most dangerous on the Greenway.

A few years ago, our firm represented the widow of a doctor who died two streets below Today’s accident after being struck by a NYPD tow truck driver who failed to yield.

Another cyclist died after being struck by a drunk driver who drove onto the Greenway from a Chelsea Piers parking lot.

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A MTA bus crashed into a truck this morning on Bruckner Blvd at Bryant Ave injuring 8 people, 2 of them seriously. The city bus was crossing left to right when it crashed into the bus which had stopped in the right lane. Read more in the New York Daily News

Bus accidents are on the rise in 2014: from January to March 2014 there were 1832 bus accidents in NYC compare to 1418 in the first 3 months of 2013.